I can has UI

It’s a modified TukUI.. still modifying 🙂

In Combat:

3 thoughts on “I can has UI

  1. Don’t you mean Tukui 😀

    But yes this is one of the best UI platforms to work with. I have my own edit of it, and spend far to much time working on it.

  2. Oops, yes, I updated it and added a link. I also totally ran two raids and forgot to do a screenshot. Ah well.

  3. Welcome back Nibuca,

    Tuk’s UI is great fun to play with and I have been using Elv’s UI variant of it for several months now as my base. I notice you have setup Power Auras again to tell you the important stuff although I do not know what timer bars you have running there superimposed on the Corruption icon. For my neglected Lock I am using EventHorizon (needed to modify the config.lua a little to get the priorities i wanted for Affliction) as it is also lua based and uses very little memory.

    It may not work as well for you though as you seem to like the vertical timers.

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