It’s like progression only personal

This week I:
– Transferred servers (now on Nordrassil).
– Changed my toon name. Lilac was already taken on the new server. For the first time -ever- I’m actually PLAYING under the name “Nibuca” instead of just blogging under it.
– Joined a new guild (“The Accused”)
– Fiddled my UI (a lot)(fiancé was miffed that I spent 3 days in Darnassus just shooting the test dummy and fiddling addons/UI).
– Respec’d (I’m still only 80% sure what everything does)
– Re-glyphed.
– Spent a while looking for Spellstones.. and Dark Pact.
– Mourned the loss of my Felpuppy and grudgingly welcomed the slutty demon back to the battle.
– Used the numbers at Elitist Jerks to setup a quickie Pawn Scale.
– Setup Pawn and Outfitter to automatically generate the “best” gear set based on what I already own.
– Swapped gems to get rid of spirit. (I was able to get to hit cap just by swapping a few spirit/int gems to hit/int).
– Reforged almost all my items. (Reforging rules: Spirit -> hit (until capped 446) -> haste -> mastery. Crit -> hit (until capped) -> Haste -> Mastery.)
– Ran a few 5-mans and pulled aggro like a roflnoob (Fiancé informed me that laughing uncontrollably is not the proper response to pulling aggro and that I should have my Soul Shatter button out on my button bar because it’s just embarassing to see me with my spellbook open looking madly for the spell).
– Ran in an TotC-10 pug (it was the weekly) and didn’t pull aggro (Fiancé was tanking so I was much much more careful)
– Ran in an ICC-10 pug (finished Rot/Fest/Putricide) and didn’t pull aggro.. but did top the overall damage meter. … ICC was much harder 3 months ago.
– Ran in a Ruby Sanctum-10 pug (my first look inside that instance) and got a few peeks at the final fight. I don’t 100% get it.. but I think I nearly get it.
– Ran with a guild group that Fiancé put together for me so I could finish Less-Rabi and -finally- get my red proto-drake. Considering how long I’ve been trying to get that it was almost a let down to just get it done on the first attempt. But “Yeah!” finally acquired red proto-drake. The cataclysm can now begin. I have proof that I was here for Wrath.

I still need to spend my justice points down to a reasonable level. Seriously? What’s the hot item this season? I have ~11k points to spend.

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  1. “For the first time -ever- I’m actually PLAYING under the name “Nibuca” instead of just blogging under it.”

    So, if I remember my Nibuca-lore correctly, you’re now technically playing under your real name. 🙂

  2. Well.. technically under my real nickname 😀

    I’m still having a weird “THAT’S ME” feeling whenever anyone in vent calls me Nibuca 🙂

  3. “laughing uncontrollably is not the proper response to pulling aggro”

    Hehe, I find that there’s something oddly satisfying in pulling aggro. Not that I want to end up as a grease spot on the floor, but it’s nice to know that I can tick off the mob to that extent.

  4. Nib,

    If you’re lacking a good trinket, I’d highly recommend picking up the Talisman of Resurgence from the old Triumph badge vendor. It’s shockingly good for warlocks now that Intellect is good, and it’s a steal at less than 600 justice points.

    Not stellar if you’ve got some 25-man raiding trinkets, but great if you were still sitting on the Abyssal Rune like me! 🙂

  5. Glad to see you back and hope you have great experiences in you new guild.
    I am affliction also, I noticed that your reforgeing rules “Reforging rules: Spirit -> hit (until capped 446) -> haste -> mastery. Crit -> hit (until capped) -> Haste -> Mastery” the second one was what I was doing but I had another lock say that Crit was not good for affliction locks that Hast was the stat to use. So I regemmed and reforged for haste > hit (until capped) > mastery > Crit. Anyways I may go back. Most of the times it is very confusing.
    For the positive I love shadow swap, I have it glyped so the DoTs are left on the original target, it is great to use on mob groups I have been able to get it on three sometimes.
    Also with Bane of Doom and putting up and enfernal you can sometimes have 3 minions working for you at the same time.


  6. I’m not sure I follow. I agree that haste is more important than crit.

    Here’s the EJ stat ranks:
    Stat SimCraft
    Hit Rating 5.0114
    *Intellect 4.1835
    Haste Rating 3.2885
    *Spell Power 3.0770
    Mastery Rating 2.6345
    Crit Rating 2.0733
    Spirit basically worthless

    So what I’m doing with reforging is moving lower secondary stats to higher value stats.

    So if a piece has spirit on it, then reforge the spirit to hit until I’m a hitcap. If I’m already at hitcap then reforge the spirit to haste. If the piece already has haste then reforge the spirit to mastery. As a last resort reforge to crit.

    If the piece has crit then reforge that to hit >> haste >> mastery.

    Technically if I -still- wasn’t hit capped I’d reforge mastery to hit (you know, if mastery was available on items).

  7. A few posts ago I mentioned our guild blew up. It was ugly. It was icky. It was stress inducing. A few of the guildies who I like to play with decided that the only cure was a fresh start on a new server. They scouted out several options and settled on Nordrassil.

    Nordrassil is a medium pop server.
    It’s in the pacific timezone (so the clock shows my home-time rather than having to adjust for my real timezone).
    The server itself is located.. I think in the LA data center so we (here in California) have very good connection speeds.
    It’s a Horde dominated server. People who PVP have said that Wintergrasp is more fun when you actually have to fight. I hadn’t really noticed any difference.
    No one shouts “Cata #1” in /trade. (Cataclysm is the douche guild on Khaz Modan. Personally I’m sick of hearing from them)(especially since they’re not actually #1 on the server).
    Overall I’ve found /trade to be less spastic on this server.
    But best of all, it completely lacks all past guild members and all past competing guilds.

    I transfered because my fiancé transferred.

  8. I agree completly about the douche’s of Cata, Im so over hearing about how great they are. I’m sorry to see you go, I felt that you raised the standard on our server but I understand.

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