Unexpected Victory

I wasn’t expecting it. In fact I’d decided that just getting my Red Proto Drake was enough. But as luck would have it I got included in a guild run to kill the Lich King(it was the guild’s second kill as far as I know). So there you have it. I’m a Kingslayer. For the first time EVER I’ve completed the raid content (just barely) before the end of the expansion.


Oh, also of the nice.. I topped the Damage meter 🙂 Pretty spiff for a rusty, out of shape warlock. Booya.

7 thoughts on “Unexpected Victory

  1. Awsome!!!! our guild was on third phase of lk and just stopped raiding after the last patch… Glad your back!

    Afliction lock. Bane of doom or Bane of agony on boss fight?

  2. Elitist Jerks mathified it and said Bane of Agony. Just be sure to not refresh until after the last dot.

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