The End is Near

Nearer everyday.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do.

Level my Warlock to 85 and raid. (…)
Level some new Worgen toon through all the new content. (what class?)
Level some existing toon through all the new content. (which one?)
Find a nice mailbox and start dancing.

I want a nice group of folks I can hang out in vent with while I’m doing.. whatever. A nice group that won’t mind that I don’t want to log in until 9PM PST or that I don’t want to log in every single day.

This next expansion I really don’t want to try to keep abreast of the best raiding spec/rotation for more than one class. I really prefer single-mindedly excelling at one class. I tried to do both for warlock and paladin.. and I sucked at it. My paladin was barely acceptable for most of Wrath.

5 thoughts on “The End is Near

  1. I don’t exactly have that problem. My main is my main, and I’ve spend too much money and effort to abandon her. I do have 3 other level 80 alts that’s decently geared, and plan to level a worgen alt come the expansion.

  2. Hey Nibs,

    Besides leveling my lock, I am planning on starting a goblin. Per the beta, the starting area is really cool and you get a nice hot rod for running around the area. (Note: the NPC’s fly when you run into them, they complain, but take it!! ) Worst thing you turn in the keys when you leave the area. Leveling to 20 was a breeze and they’ve changed enough of the starting area quests that it was almost like playing a different game. Barrens wasn’t so, well tedious.

    I couldn’t get into the worgen much. Maybe it was the beta bug that happened about level 7 that got me stuck in the castle. (shakes bars, let me out!) If you grabbed the hearthstone in the castle, left, then didn’t grab a new one… hearth back and not have breadcrumb to get out of there. Haven’t played much beyond that.

    Being in Cali myself, I can totally agree. while I don’t play on a Pacific coast server (Malfurion), I definitely enjoy the guild banter to get through things. 9PM is after the kids are in bed, and wife has settled down with the TV (or bed too!)

  3. You should take a break.

    I always tended to level a new character or level some existing characters, which was in the end frustrating, because of the lack of spare time and gold. When you already think about dancing on mailboxes, you should take a break. Desire comes through deprivation.
    Works always great for me.

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