12% less epic

Patch 4.0.3a is going live today. Azeroth is shattered. I’m .. perplexed how I feel about it. It’s weird that weeks in advance I knew exactly when the world would end (or at least shatter). It’s like Y2K. I had plenty of time to prep for it.. but really.. I didn’t do much. I did move my lowbies out of Dalaran. It seemed unwise to have a level 12 toon stuck in Dalaran with no way (except for a corpse flop) to get back to the mainland.

The patch also brings a 12% nerf to Warlocks. Originally some bloggers thought it was only a nerf to base damage.. and at one point a blue suggested that it was only a nerf to leveling and didn’t apply to 85s.. but the Patch is here.. and the nerf is real.

1. Don’t panic.
2. This is a 12% reduction to almost all spells and coefficients across the board to all specs and all levels.
3. Please see #1.
4. I don’t know about you.. but I was pretty easily topping the damage meters before this patch. Even though I was rusty.. and I knew I was making some mistakes. I don’t know if I was topping by 12%.. but there you have it.
5. Take a gander over at the Destruction tree. Do you see that thing, just out of reach at level 80? Improved Soul Fire. 100% uptime of 15% Haste buff. Seriously.. can you taste the yummy haste buff? It’s in-reach at level 82. (though I am a bit miffed at receiving a cross-the-board nerf to “balance” out for a potential skill we get at 82)(added unhappiness, I’m not terribly thrilled to be forced to spec into a specific secondary tree)
6. Go back and read #1. If all else fails and we really are performing poorly then smile grimly and happily wait for the buffs in our future.

5 thoughts on “12% less epic

  1. It hurt me a little inside when I read that earlier today. I was really enjoying being #1. Oh well…

  2. I just ate a big slice of deja vu pie. We were hit by the nerf bat at the end of BC, and we have been hit with it again. At times like these, Shumbawumba comes to the rescue:

    I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down! I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down!

  3. Love the ‘Twelve Monkeys’ reference.

    I haven’t gotten on my lock yet. New stuff always goes to my Paladin first, but I was definitely top damage on my lock pre-patch. We shall see how it goes from here.

  4. Ah, there she is, ye ol’ Nerfbat! I was beginning to think Blizzard had forgotten about us !

    Buffing Warlocks, only to horribly nerf them again a few months later, has become somewhat of a mischievous game they play at Blizzard HQ, IMO. Maybe similar to how a child pull’s the wings of an insect to see how many it needs to fly.

    Oh well.. We, true Warlocks, shall persevere! As we always do 😉

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