“Midnight release”

From a blue post:
You should be able to purchase [the expansion] at midnight Eastern (at participating retailers) and then would be able to play at midnight Pacific Standard Time. (3a.m. Eastern)

Some east coasterner’s are gonna be PISSED that they stood in line in the cold for a game they coulnd’t play for 3 hours. Maybe Blizz rigged the install to take 3 hours.

Watch out for incoming QQ.

8 thoughts on ““Midnight release”

  1. Didn’t they do that last time too? Great to see you back we were just wondering about you in BA chat the other day and you tweeted…lol

  2. Last two expansions the Eastcoast could buy and play at midnight EST while west coast had to wait 3 hours later to buy it at midnight PST. Can’t please everyone

  3. Cool! I am wondering if as a downloader, they’ll start streaming me the content at 12AM EST? or do I already have it? I see a 13gb file recently downloaded to my PC.

  4. I think you either already have it all or will have it all before the 7th. I think it’s a matter of Blizzard ‘flipping the switch’ so to speak at midnight PST.

  5. If you bought the expansion from the Blizzard store and you activated your code on Battlenet you will be able to play Cataclysm almost immediately after 12 am pacifac time. There maybe a small patch (hopefully) to up date some bugs. I want to know if since Dec 7th is a maintanence day will there be a shut down starting at 11am pacifac. I have a feeling that this will only happen if there are any real problems.

  6. I’m actually glad that I get a few hours to go home, quietly install the game and take a nap while the west coasters are still waiting in line at the cash. Servers open at 4:30am my time, so I can get a few hours of beauty sleep before binging my way to 85.

    Also going to the mall release so I don’t have to wait in the cold ^_^

  7. I don’t get the whole midnight release thing. Even before hubby and I had a baby. When it was just us, we wouldn’t go to a midnight release either. I plan on walking into Walmart on my way home from work Tuesday and picking up our 2 copies then.

  8. I’m suffering the buy it wait 3 hours to play. But it will give me and my man a chance to chill, maybe catnap, and we both have Tuesday off so we don’t have to do anything of consequence that day. One day every 2 years or so, we might just sit in front of the TV and order chinese like nothing else exists 🙂

    We stood in line for 15 hours for WotLK because we don’t typically pre order anything…ever…and the Collector’s Editions were limited we got 2 out of the six with 3 of our friends leaving only one for a random dude…

    We won’t be doing that this time…and we won’t be buying the CE.

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