Who’s my precious baby?

I made a baby Blood Elf Warlock. ( I’m thinking to level a hordie (shh don’t tell anyone) and I want to do it on the same server as my currently 80 warlock (Nordrassil). ) I also have to mention that about 2 weeks ago I made a baby Blood Elf Hunter on another server.. and played her to.. um.. about 13 or so. So I recently played through the BE starting area and the experience was fresh in my mind.

I actually already have a level 47 Blood Elf Warlock on another server.. and a 42 Blood Elf Paladin. So I had played through the Blood Elf starting area back at the beginning of Burning Crusade. That experience while not fresh.. is still in my mind.

For the most the starting area is the same. The fact that all the mobs are yellow does streamline the “go get these things for me” quest. From 4.0.1 to 4.0.3 they change the introduction movie.. and they moved one quest giver to make him easier to find. They also seem to have increased experience. I think I made level 2 by killing the mobs for the first quest I was given. It seems like cheating to level off of a single quest.

As a warlock at level 6, by the time you leave the starter area you now have Shadow Bolt, Incinerate Immolate, Corruption and your imp. Last night I found myself using the “dot’em and watch’em die” method of questing. I’d cast Incinerate Immolate and Corruption on Mob #1 and then let my imp finish him off while I started dotting Mob #2. The levels FLEW by. I think after about an hour of play time I’m easily at level 6.

My fiancĂ© started a Tauren Pally. There’s a hint that for the first time EVER he and I may level toons together. We’ll see how that works out.

3 thoughts on “Who’s my precious baby?

  1. Have you guys done Silverpine yet? If you haven’t I’d say go there as soon as levels allow instead of doing Ghostlands. The whole zone has been redone and the quests are awesome. The entire zone is phased however so make sure if you both want to experience it you do it together.

  2. Are you sure you get Incinerate that early? I don’t remember having it on my baby lock ( level 20 right now). I can check when I get home.

  3. *thinks*

    Well.. it was one of those “I” fire spells I don’t normally use.. Immolate?.. ok.. yeah.. immolate.

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