Cataclysm Eve

Alas, poor Deathstalker Yorick
My baby warlock, Llyl, is now 16 and I have found a way to successfully level with my fiancé.

The issue:
He is not a quest reader and hates leveling.
I read quests and kind of enjoy leveling.

Usually what happens is we would start questing together.. we’d run into a new quest hub and he’d run around and gather quests. THEN he’d have to spend 2-3 minutes waiting for me to finish READING those quests. After 2-3 episodes of this he was bored.. and for good reason.

The solution:
First Blizz had to rejigger the leveling to get rid of the random. So much pre-cataclysm leveling was just kill 10 foozles or bring me 10 dohickies. BORING. So yeah, Blizz “fixed” leveling and injected ALOT of story into the quest lines. BUT my honey is still not a quest reader and I know that without READING the quests they all mostly boil down to kill 10.. or gather 10… and that’s still boring.

SO as we started leveling together I started reading the quest text.. out loud. Initially I felt silly about it. But I made it into a game with myself.. can I read the quest text with the right infliction and give it some character just by reading it out loud. I was pulling accents.. and snarling as if -I- were the snotty NPC who was annoyed at having to assigning tasks to such lowbies. It worked! Suddenly he’s interested in the story and now we’ve started trading quest reading back and forth. He’s getting the quest text.. which is making the leveling more interesting than it used to be.. and I get to level with him.

I say it’s a win all around.

I played through the Blood Elf starting zone until I hit 10, then, on the suggestion from a comment here, he and I met up in Silverpine Forest to go through those quests. So far the lore has been awesome and the quests have been engaging and funny. We actually laughed out loud at the exploding chickens. And (it had to be said).. Alas, poor Yorick.. I knew her well.. poor dead undead.

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s Cataclysm-Eve. Much like Christmas we’re waiting to Santa Blizz to leave presents under our.. computer after midnight. It’s like a non-denominational geek Christmas. I think I’ll bake something tonight.. and sing Blizz songs while warming my fingers in front of my PC. Or not.

– Delete name-holder toon and create Goblin named Sprinket. I don’t care if you don’t get it (or don’t think it’s a great name). I think it’s a great name for a goblin.
– Navigate my 80 warlock to Vashj’ir. It seems that 70% of everyone is going to Hyjal “for the lore” and 20% of the rest of everyone hates swimming. Since I figure that eventually I’ll do all of it.. I really don’t care where I start.. and based on current evidence it looks like Vashj’ir will be less populated. That said, depending on traffic levels I may just swear it off and go play a lowbie.
– Possible lowbies to play:

  • Sprinket (soon-to-be-created Goblin)(probably won’t play her as I expect the goblin starting area will be overrun)
  • Llyl (16 Blood Elf Warlock)(probably won’t see play since I’m only leveling her together with fiancé’s Tauren Pally.. and he will be off leveling his 80s),
  • Nocc (66 Dranei Hunter)(Zangarmarsh is putting me to sleep… not sure if I can stomach more of the same-old same-old. Especially just after the expansion comes out) same issue with Obliette (61 Night Elf Druid) (Yawn.. more of the same.)
  • Isidori (8 Troll Druid) (This one is a possibility.. we’ll see)
  • Possibly (50 Dranei Mage) (Good possibility (HAR HAR) on this one.. she has 10 more levels of content before it becomes the same-old same-old)(She is also destined for a server transfer soon)

6 thoughts on “Cataclysm Eve

  1. “snarling as if -I- were the snotty NPC who was annoyed at having to assigning tasks to such lowbies.”

    Good stuff. At least Alliance-side, I\’ve noticed that up to level 30 most of the NPC\’s are actually treating me with a bit more respect than I recall getting the first time around. Except for Althea Ebonlocke, who gave me the old \’You are the help that we requested?

    I suppose you will have to do.’

    Have fun!

  2. Practically the first quest an NPC referred to me a Llylnub (quest). Later on in the zone another NPC says “Do you know why Mortuus appends ‘nub’ to your name, ? Because he is an incompetent sycophant that has trouble seeing through his oversized helmet.” I about died laughing. I figure this is Blizz’s subtle stab at anyone who calls anyone a nub.

  3. having a pally as a tank/healer, you might consider spicing up your leveling with a few runs through the random dungeon finder now. I was finding on average 2/3 a level for each run, plus a nice shiny blue item (in the satchel of goodies) at the end. With your fiancee you should get almost immediate queue, vs solo dps of 15-20 minutes.

  4. I so wish I could play tuesday. I want to. I even told hubby I’m picking up dinner, so I won’t have to cook. However, I committed to crafting a Christmas present for someone, and I feel my time is running out. I never commit to crafting presents, but I did this time. It’s hard to find time to do any of this with an infant around. Now I’m kicking myself. But maybe I’ll be able to do both.

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