Flaming Gnomes, Flaming Gnomes EVERYWHERE

I finished Deepholm and (as instructed by the breadcrumbs) moved on to Uldum. I’m disappointed to have to report that the Random Dungeon queue can pop for you WHILE you’re watching a long cut scene.. so I’m not 100% certain what happened in the cut scene as you enter Uldum. I was afraid that I’d miss my Dungeon (which I’d waited an HOUR for).. so I bailed on the cut scene. I may have to poke youtube for it.

Dungeon queues of longer than an hour make me REALLY hesitant to drop group. BUT my pug quality has been 50/50 so far. I had one pug that was quick and painless.. and another that made me want to gouge my eyes out.

Imagine.. a pull where the mobs all start out in a triangle that makes them immune to all magical damage/CC. Now imagine that the tank only pulls the mobs back far enough to get his targets out of the triangle.. and then gets angry because “something’s heailing my target” and “you need to kill/cc the Adepts”. We couldn’t kill the mob faster than the adept was healing it.. and we couldn’t kill/cc the Adept.

Finally I typed in party chat that the tank needed to “back his fluffy ass up to get the Adept out of the triangle”.

Said fluffy ass then jumped off the side of the tower.. mobs RAWRd and ate our faces. I facepalmed.

Anyway, I dinged 84 on the second or third quest in Uldum. The area has been nice.. I like the variety of environments and I’m loving all the fresh air and sunshine (pleasant change after questing in the dark damp of Deepholm). Last night I set-fire-to and burned-to-a-crisp 1000 gnomes. I think I was supposed to feel guilty.. I did cackle a little.. that’s like guilt.. right?

2 thoughts on “Flaming Gnomes, Flaming Gnomes EVERYWHERE

  1. As always, a very entertaining post, Nib. You really need to get a tank and healer friend so that instances come much faster. Heck, even as just a healer, it can take up to 20 minutes to get a group. But an hour? Yowzer! At least there’s a lot of fun quests (for now) to do while you’re waiting.

  2. No…. see, that is NOT like guilt. That is, in fact, the highly entertaining opposite of guilt.

    That’s okay though, we know you meant well.


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