Day in the life at 85

Sign up for Daily Random Regular (I’m 3 points short of heroics right now)
Teleport to Uldum and complete the one lonely daily quest. It almost feels not worth it.. but a daily is a daily.. and it does build needed reputation.
Hearth back to Stormwind.
Teleport to Deepholm and then teleport to the Throne of Therazane. Complete the six daily quests there.
Teleport back to the tower and then to Stormwind.
Teleport to Twilight Highlands and continue questing.

As mentioned, I dinged 85 on the last quest in Uldum. That left me with both Hyjal and Twilight Highlands to complete. Reasoning that the best quest rewards would come out of Twilight Highlands I moved on to questing in that zone. After I finish this one I’ll also finish Hyjal.

Currently I’m wearing the tabard of Ramkahen. They have a pair of shoes I want. If I could find the quartermaster for Wildhammer I’d trade this out for the Wildhammer tabard.. since Wildhammer has 2-3 rep upgrades for me. Eventually I need everything 😀

Most of the time the daily random pops while I’m questing in Twilight Highlands. Last night it popped right at the beginning of a very long end-of-quest-line fight.. and I missed my window. I was very annoyed about that.

In other news.. I now know what makes dwarven love tick.

Dwarven men like dwarven women who are “lumpy in all the right places”. Yup.. kind of like all men of all races that way.
Dwarven women like dwarven men who are “strong and handsome, with a jaw that can cut gravel and an arse like an anvil”. I’m not sure what that means.. but it’s certainly memorable.