Are all heroics created equal?

I haven’t actually started running heroics yet in Cataclysm.. so this is more of a thought exercise.

Work with me here.. think back WAY BACK to the beginning of Wrath. Back when (ever so briefly) the heroics were hard. Not all of them mind you.. but some of them were tricksy. I can remember LOATHING Azjol-Nerub. That instance, specifically the last boss, had my number and bullied me practically into tears. At the end there.. when people would sign up for a random.. how many times did you get Halls of Reflection only to see 1-2 of the DPSers.. and even sometimes a tank or a healer drop out of the dungeon.

See, in the past, .. some heroics were harder than others. There were some which were dreaded.. there were some bosses that PUGs just couldn’t -get-. There were… at least for a while until their gear overpowered the boss.

So, now here we are at the beginning of Cataclysm.. and right now everyone’s undergeared.. and all the heroics are hard. I mean I’ve been hearing that it’s common to wipe on the first boss about 6 times before the puggers (or guildies) get frustrated and drop group. BUT!!! Soon we’ll have the gear.. and I have to wonder… in that heroic you’re in now.. where you’ve wiped 10 times to the boss.. what if it’s because you’re really in the “hard” heroic?

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6 thoughts on “Are all heroics created equal?

  1. Just did regular Grim Bitol today for the first time and i would have to imagine that place would be chaotic hell on Heroics with the pulls of groups. Still haven’t seen all the dungeons yet.

  2. Funny, tomorrow’s blog post is specifically comparing Corobus in Stonecore to Anub’arak in AN, especially his underground mode and adds.

    I think that Blizzard will release the next round of dungeons, just about the time the current ones are too easy. Seemed to be the model for Wrath.

  3. Grim Batol is not that bad, Stonecore however Q_Q Haven’t got past Corobus yet because I haven’t had a group that doesn’t stand in the fire.

  4. Grim Batol isn’t that bad, although cc + a few tricks make it a lot easier. I found deadmines (except 1 boss with ghost adds) to be a walk in the park, but failed to clear both shadowfang keep and vortex pinnacle.

    Of course group makeup makes a big difference at this stage.

  5. my only question to “will get easier as we get gear” exactly how are we getting that gear? need to run heroics to get drops/justice points. cannot effectively run heroics? not getting any gear. not getting any gear? heroics are not getting easier?

    or do you mean, we should just wait for others to get gear so that some carrying could happen? not only does it sound kinda wrong, but also, it seems that heroics are unfun enough for people to stop running them the moment they have enough gear from them to start raiding. and since there’s a weekly cap on valor points, as soon as their guilds get more raid bosses on farm, they will have pretty much no motivation to go back to heroics, even one random a day…ever.

    last but not least. I didn’t start playing until mid BC, so I’ve never seen heroics in their original incarnation, but I was able to run them a lot more successfully in reputation blues/crafted starter set, then my cata experience (not to mention, you cannot get your crafted epics now without running heroics/getting lucky with orb rolls – all I had to do in BC was to start crafting my cloths while I was still leveling and maybe buy a few extras/ask friends or guildies)

    I remember heroics when wrath just came out. they were harder. but they weren’t this frustrating, not even when healing AN as a priest with no poison cleansing (and at start, they would still give you time to mana up, instead of zerging ala end of expansion)

  6. @leah, wait you can’t successfully run any heroics? You can still get some gear with points from normal dungeons, but heroics will also become easier as more people learn the strats.

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