Plot Point: Millhouse Manastorm

* * * * SPOILERS!! FLEE NOW!!! * * * *

Once upon a time.. in BC we ran (over and over and over again) the instance Tempest Keep: Arcatraz. The Arcatraz is a Na’aru prison ship built to hold “the most dangerous beings in existence” which it seems the Na’aru have gathered from across the galaxy.

So we, the intrepid adventurers, wander into this old prison. In it we find that some of the prisoners are breaking loose. As it turns out, the warden of the prison, Warden Mellichar, has actually been releasing the prisoners.. seemingly at the whim of Harbringer Skyriss (the actual final boss of the instance), an Ahn’Quiraj-y like creature who is described as “a servant of the Old Gods”.

Anyway, as part of the last event in the instance Mellichar starts releasing prisoners from the prison cell. The second prisoner he releases is Millhouse Manastorm.

First mob is killed
Mellichar: Behold another terrifying creature of incomprehensible power!
Millhouse Manastorm is released.
Mellichar: What is this? A lowly gnome? I will do better, oh great one.
Third mob is released.

Millhouse is so incenced by the “lowly gnome” reference he fights by your side and helps to kill the third and forth/final mob in the instance.

That said, Millhouse is a bit of a braggart and a whiner.

* “Lowly? Nobody refers to the mighty Millhouse Manastorm as lowly!”
* “Aaalllriiiight!! Who ordered up an extra large can of whoop-ass?”
* “I’m gonna light you up, sweet cheeks!” (when casting Pyroblast)
* “For the love of all that is holy, somebody HEAL me!” (upon 20%)
* “Who’s bad? Who’s bad? That’s right: we bad!”

After you finish killing Harbinger Skyriss Millhouse can’t even be bothered to put up a port back to Dalaran. Lazy Mages.

Anyway throughout Wrath I said both on TNB and to my guildies that Millhouse should totally come back as a boss mob. I would laugh myself sick.

I think Blizzard was listening (or at least I’m going to totally pretend they were because it makes me feel all glow-y and important).

About halfway through Deepholm we’re sent to investigate “The Forgemaster” who has received delivery of one of the three fragments of the world pillar(ref).

As part of the quest chain we camouflage ourselves as a “box” and swim up to a clandestine Twilight Council meeting to spy on them. Imagine my surprise when who should be our secret visitor.. none other than Millhouse Manastorm.. now styled as “The Forgemaster”. The cutscene shows “The Forgemaster” chatting with some woman.. I’m not entirely certain who she is but she tells Millhouse to meet here in the Stonecore.. and I suspect she’s High Priestess Azil, the last boss in the Stonecore.

When you enter the Stonecore you find Millhouse milling about with the first pack of mobs. When you dps him down low enough he runs off to the next group of mobs. I havn’t yet caugh what he says when he runs off. After running a few times he finally runs off to a group of new adds.. and when your group gets close enough to pull him Corborus, a big elemental ring-worm pops out of the wall.

Now.. the first few times I ran Stonecore I was distracted.. and I thought that Millhouse had TURNED INTO the big ring worm.. but then on one run the tank put a mark on him.. and I noticed that when the worm popped out of the wall he flung Millhouse across the room and into a crevice.

Is this the end for Millhouse? Why was he called the Forgemaster? What is the diabolical plot of the Twilight Council? What of the Old Gods? Have we seen the end of our.. um.. anti-hero? Tune in.. later and find out.

(I’m secretly hoping that WHEN Blizzard puts the “kill the Old God” Raid into this expansion we’ll get to see Millhouse again.. but that is all totally conjecture)

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  1. It also says, however, that Manastorm was a stowaway. The question is, why was he stowing away on a Naaru ship? Wowpedia speculates that it is not a coincidence he was in Arcatraz because the imprisoned final bosses had something to do with Old Gods, so perhaps Manastorm is somehow involved as well. It also speculates, however, that he was killed upon impact, but who knows?

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