Having many love…

I accidentally ran my first heroic last night. Well started to anyway.

I logged in, started my dailies and popped into the Daily Dungeon queue (Hit “I”, Choose “join”, close screen). Eventually it popped and I ended up in Halls of Origination. Everything went swimmingly for a while until we got to the first boss. After about 3 minutes I thought to myself.. “gosh, this is really taking a long time” and “I hope the healer’s mana lasts”. It wasn’t until the boss actually DIED and I was looking at the loot.. and I realized the loot had “HEROIC” written on it in really big letters.. then it occurred to me -why- it was taking so long to kill the boss.

Anyway we trundled on to the next pull and the mage made the pull instead of the tank.. which wiped us.. and then the healer got pissy because the mage did the pull.. and did a vote-to-kick on the mage.. except that the Mage and the tank were from the same guild.. so that didn’t go over so well.. So when the vote-to-kick failed the pissy healer declared “so long bitches” and body pulled the mobs to wipe the group.

On the plus side, jumping off the side of the tower in HoO doesn’t kill you.. and it does drop aggro if you were the only one left alive.. so I lived. BUT the healer dropped..and then the mage and tank dropped.. and then the random other DPS dropped.. and I was left at the middle of my first Heroic singing to myself.. “I’m all alone.. nobody here be-side me..” I had the sad.

In happier news.. I am having much love for Outfitter and Pawn. Those two addons are doing some SERIOUS happy making. I still havn’t played with SimulationCraft.. but I did find a reasonable pawn scale on Elitist Jerks.

Pawn has been updated so that in quest rewards, if the reward is a gear upgrade it shows a green arrow on it in the “choose your reward” screen. If there isn’t a gear upgrade then it shows a gold coin on the reward that is worth the most gold. Nice.

A while back Outfitter was upgraded so that you could click a button and then tell outfitter to “rebuild this outfit based on -that- Pawn scale.” So with a single click I could get the “best gear” based on my pawn scale.

After my first (abortive) heroic run I noticed that I was under hit-cap for heroics. I had ~3% hit and needed 6% for heroics. I -really- dislike being under hit cap so I copied my pawn scale I’d gotten from Elitist Jerks over to a new name “Nibs Sliding Hit” and started fiddling with the rank of hit. I popped it up to 3 and rebuilt the gear set. BOOM, in 2.5 seconds I knew that with hit ranked at 3 I ended up with ~11% hit. Since I’m not planning to raid until after I’ve geared up from heroics it seemed wasteful to have that much hit.. so I dialed hit down. After fiddling with it for a while (change rank, rebuild, look at hit, adjust rank again) I ended up with hit ranked at 2.1 and hit rating just over 6%. This makes me SO happy. Before I started using Pawn and Outfitter together this kind of fiddling would have taken me HOURS.

So now I just need to gem, reforge and enchant everything and I’ll feel less embarrassed about being in heroics.

Oh, added bonus, Pawn has a nifty little screen (pictured above) where it will tell you, based on the scale chosen, the highest ranking gems to use. NICE!!

Yes, indeed, having much loves.

4 thoughts on “Having many love…

  1. All it ever takes and usually takes is just one person doing something that pisses someone off or one person and the entire group easily disintegrates. And so far in the verious MMO’s i’ve played the game with the players with the shortest of fuses in groups is in WoW as well.

  2. Hey Nibuca,
    Have you seen the Pawn addon when you go to socket gems? It lists the gem selections which have the highest pawn score for all your warlocky love. There is a similar view when you go to the reforging guy. I spent 30 gold last night and reforged all of my questing greens and blues to drop haste and crit to put more mastery on there (per Pawn’s recommendation for Destro). Made all that gold back, in quicker questing!!


  3. It sounds like you’ve gotten used to Pawn and Outfitter and the way it works, so probably aren’t looking for an alternative, but I’d also recommend checking out RhadaTip for anyone looking to find similar functionality.

    You enter in scale factors, choose your preferred gems, and the like, and from then on out all your tooltips show how much DPS any given piece of gear is worth to you. It shows a +/- in green or red depending on whether an item is an upgrade, too. It also has a gearset optimizer, and a gem optimizer. All in all, sounds fairly similar to what you’ve set up. Just another option!

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