“Teeny-tiny teeth…”

I’ve been an adventurer for a while.. 85 seasons.. and in all that time I’ve been asked to do some pretty despicable things.. I tortured a man.. I (accidentally) killed puppies.. heck, I’m not even ashamed to say it.. I’ve dug through poop (a few times) at the request of a quest giver.. but this.. this is too much.

When I turned in the quest.. she “Squeed”… kill me.. kill me now.

6 thoughts on ““Teeny-tiny teeth…”

  1. Hate to say it, but this is right up my alley. I get pissed when the game makes me kill the innocent little creatures. In Northrend, I’d have been quite happy if they’d have left me with the ability to free those poor trapped baby elephants.

  2. Running around trying to catch those critters while evading those mobs gave me migraines! Blizzard gave new cool quests, I agree but the one quest I hate, i forgot the quest name but it’s the one where you control the flapping of your mount’s wings and have to joust NPC’s while flapping! And it’s not one quest but 4!! And they give u a measly pet after that! It’s not even cute!

  3. The shadow council nearly disbolted me (or w/e they do to wayward ‘locks) when they heard about this one. My only saving shadow was that I told them I later freed a demon…

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