What I did on my vacation

Somethings are just too good not to share
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (or holiday of your choosing) and a Happy New Year. I was a horrible sloth and spent way too much time WoWing over the holiday.

On my vacation I:
– completed the Loremaster of Cataclysm
– completed my first Cataclysm Heroic (and a few more after that)(5/8 completed so far)
– got to exalted with Wildhammer and Therazane
– learned that there are normally 6 quests in Tol Barad for your faction when you own Tol Barad.. BUT these quests can change if you take control of Tol Barad later in the day.. so I ended up doing 9 TB quests that day in addition to the regular ones on the peninsula
– Started on the cooking and fishing dailies
– For the first time EVER, did 25 dailies in a single day and had to hold onto dailies to turn in the next day
– leveled cooking to 525 (Cooking guide)
– leveled herbalism to 525
– leveled tailoring to 521 (should get the last 4 this week)(Tailoring guide)
– discovered the Potion of Treasure Finding which makes running in circles farming ember cloth even more productive (I get gold and volatiles as well as cloth)
– completed the achievement Ready for Raiding (which made me laugh)
– completed my first Cataclysm Raid: Defeated Argaloth in Tol Barad. He dropped Mage and Druid gear.. isn’t that always the way?

I also spent a significant amount of time fiddling with my UI, with Power Auras and with macros. More on that in future posts.

Did you know that warlocks have the most forms of CC of any class? Fear, Banish, Seduce (which btw COULD all be done at the same time on the same mob pack), Enslave Demon, Howl of Terror.

Check out these articles for more juicy details:
Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual: Warlock CC and You: How to crowd control like a pro in cataclysm
Fel Concentration: CC Tips

Did you know that YOU, the warlock can interrupt? You know, like that silly thing that the first boss in Shadowfang does.. or the “smash the tank” thing the naga lady does in Throne of Tides. YOU can interrupt it.. in fact if you don’t, you’re lazy no good lie-about! Your Felhunter has a Spell Lock which is an interrupt on a 24 second cooldown. Yes, I’m as lazy as the next person and have left it on auto cast up until now.. but when we needed the interrupt.. and the OTHER WARLOCK in the group reminded me I had one.. I was dutifully ashamed to have been so lazy. I’ve since added it to my pet attack/pet recall macro.

/cast [mod:shift,target=focus,pet:felhunter] Spell Lock
/cast [mod:shift,target=focus,pet:succubus] Seduction
/stopmacro [mod:shift]
/target [help] targettarget
/petattack [target=pettarget,noexists] target
/stopmacro [target=pettarget,noexists]

What it does:
Hit once to have pet attack, hit again to call pet back to you.
Hold down shift to have your felhunter interrupt your focus or, if you have the succubus out, have her seduce your focus.

It’s also worth noting (and I just noticed it while looking at my pets) that the imp now has a cleanse in the form of “Singe Magic”. It removes magic effects from a friendly target. Wow.. bet that’d be useful on the Argaloth fight. OH OH OH>> OR AGAINST STATIC CLING!!! Boo ya!

So anyway, happy new year and good WoWing.

Oh, the picture is not me… it did make me laugh though.