Living outside the box

Today seems to be the day to noodle about warlock macros..

Check out Fulguralis and Cynwise. I wanted to follow the crowd.. but realize my macros are a home.. and I am not.. So instead..

I made a How-to for Argaloth. He’s not terribly hard.. just don’t stand in stuff.

Assuming your group has the positioning, the dispellers (which BTW your imp could be one of them) and the DPS, he’s cake.

I’ve been in the raid twice. The first time the tank complained that he always got flattened by the trash outside the boss.. and sure enough.. after every trash pull we had to rez the tank. The second time I did the raid I read up on the trash and was able to tell the tank that the raid had to stand with him to share the damage. Amazingly that time we didn’t have to rez the tank. Sometimes it pays to look stuff up.. even on trash.

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