Rogues should all DIAF

Tol Barad, those bastards, have my trinket. Not only that, they won’t give it to me until I do a LOT of their dirty work. I’m covered in spider gunk, up to my ears in fish and have splinters from all the lumber. I’ve cleared out restless infantry, unhappy villagers and crazed guards. I even killed that overgrown guppy “Tank”.

A few nights ago someone on vent suggested that I should help take Tol Barad.. because you know, then there’d be more quests.. and those bastards at Tol Barad would be all grateful and give me rep and honor and accolades. I kind of forgot that I hate PVP… and that we’re on a horde dominated server..

I solemnly swear that I will never again mix PVP and PMS on the same night. At one point I actually scared my fiancé. I hit my desk so hard.. it made a loud booming noise. I was PVPing.. which translates into me cussing and hitting things.

All you rogues.. go die in a fire.

It seems utterly unfair that when I fear someone it breaks as soon as I breath on them.. but not rogues.. they get 45 seconds of free action while I’m stunned. Hate . them . SO . MUCH! No really.. the words don’t properly capture HOW MUCH I hate them.


OK, Ok, I know it’s my own damn fault.. I’m spec’d for PVE, I have PVE clothes and my fingers don’t know what to do when another player is eating my face. I -know- that IF I spent time on this and devoted energy to it I would not suck quite so much.. but I really don’t think I can take it.. the anger.. it BURNS.

DIAF Rogues.

2 thoughts on “Rogues should all DIAF

  1. It’s the cloth armor. It doesn’t stop their little pointy daggers at all, so we’re pretty much mincemeat to their stuns, while they just vanish and circle around if we get a few early hits on them.

    As a non-raiding mage, I played a lot of WinterGrasp and learned to pick the rogues out of the crowd from a distance. There’s nothing like roasting them anonymously to make you feel better. Use your teleportation rune thing to escape them when possible.

    And of course, Incinerate them so they DIAF.

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