Once upon a time.. a long long time ago I played Myst. It was a strategy game. you solved puzzles to solve the game. I don’t think I ever finished it.. I lost interest. BUT I distinctly remember this one part where I’m wandering around the island.. and there’s trees and it’s bright and sunny and the birds are singing… only the birds are parakeets.

The island wasn’t tropical.. and there were parkeets scolding each other in my ear. It bugged the snot out of me. I know it’s terribly minor.. but it bugged me. The bird was not proper for the locale.. and hearing it evertime I wandered around the island bugged me to no end.

I’ve got that same problem again. If you’re sitting in Stormwind.. and you’re listening to the birds that are chirping around the city.. eventually you hear the sound of a parakeet.. scolding another parkeet. And again, it bugs the snot out of me.

… No, I’m not fixated.. why do you ask?

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