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I suppose choice is good… but it’s no secret that I really love my felpuppy.

In BC we ran with our succubus because that’s what you did.
In Wrath we finally got our puppy back.
At 4.01 we were encouraged to go back to our succubus for the increased DPS. I fumed.. but I did it.
At 85 initially the advent of Demon Soul made felhunter supreme until.. well ok for like 5 minutes. Then the brainiacs at Elitist Jerks fiddled the numbers and decided that with the glyph of Lash of Pain the succubus was again superior.
So here we are.. 85.. with Glyph of Lash of Pain.. and succubus is the #1 pet recommendation.

Last night I fiddled my secondary spec to Elitist Jerks recommended(Affliction in Cataclysm) and intend to try out running with the Succubus. I figured I could try multi-CCs with Fear and Seduce. (That said, I kept the glyph of fear instead of glyph of life tap.. I just can’t justify going without the glyph of fear in heroics/raiding as it is now).

So this morning I find the first hint of an announcement about Improved Soul Fire.

Zarhym posted:

Improved Soul Fire now increases Fire and Shadow damage done by 4/8%, rather than 7/15% spell haste. In addition, this talent has been moved to tier-3 Destruction, switching places with Aftermath.

So.. not only is the talent nerfed overall.. it’s moved out of reach of all specs except destruction. O-kay. First off, don’t panic. The final patch notes aren’t out.. and I’m crossing my fingers and hoping there will be some other change to offset this loss.

Take away the first: Even without ISF, Soulburned Soul Fire is “the best use of Soulburn for affliction”. Supposedly the SBSF is better than a shadow bolt. So we should keep it in our rotations.. at least 3-4 per fight (it’s possible to pre-shard and get 4 insta-casts per fight).

Take away the second: If I’m not specing into ISF.. and I don’t ever plan to cast non-Soulburned Soul Fire.. then I suddenly have 4 points free in my spec.

I wonder if adding 3 of those to Dark Arts would again make the felpuppy reign supreme.

[Edited to add: Oh also the Brainiacs at EJ also say you should use the Infernal as you 10 minute pet always.. something bout it just being better.. sokay]

7 thoughts on “Musical pets

  1. Personally I’d rather have the mana regen for the healers & the ability to use demon soul. If I remember correctly it isn’t worth it to pop it with the succi.

    Is it really that much of a dps difference?

  2. Hi, thanks for all the great posts. I have been reading for awhile, but wanted to post. Simple question that I cannot get Elitist to answer. Why are we (Locks) supposed to always use our infernal and not our doom guards? I cannot find the answer through google or other sites, anybody have some ideas?

  3. I assume that the DPS gain of the Infernal is just better than the Doomguard regardless of whether it’s vs a single mob or multiple mobs.

    That said, I haven’t twisted the dials and run the simulations myself.. so that’s just an assumption.

  4. This is why I set it up on my alternate spec. I wanted to try it out to see if it was significant. Not holding out hope though.

  5. Even more madness? The succubus out-DPSes the felguard in sims. That whip-wielding tart is the top DPS pet for demonology except on fights where you can and must freely AOE, i.e., casting the felguard’s Felstorm on cooldown.


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