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I’m fairly clueless about PVP.. but I like doing the TB Raid. Unfortunately we’re on a Horde dominated server.. and the Horde seems to hold TB 80% of the time. So I’m checking in.. what am I supposed to be doing? Am I doing it wrong?

What I’m doing now: Zone into Tol Barad(normally attacking**). Find nearest of the 3 points(Slag, VW or.. that other one). Fight at that point/flag until the battle ends.

**I’ve never been on the defending side.

– there are towers.. I don’t know where they are exactly and I’ve never been to them.. someone seems to destroy them and we get more time
– When we manage to turn this point blue normally what happens is all but 3-4 of the other folks on my side mount up and ride off into the dust.
– About 3 minutes later the horde descend on us and blitz our 3-4 defenders turning our point over to the horde.
– About 2 minutes after that more Ally arrive to help fight off the horde.
– Hordies trickle away until we turn the point blue.
– During this time one of the other points turns red/grey.
– All but 3-4 of folks mount up and ride off.

It seems to be a big game of pvp-go-round where the horde is leading us in a great triangle.. they take a tower, we take it back, they take the next tower.

So.. there it is.. what am I -supposed- to be doing?

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  1. You aren’t doing anything wrong. Right now the game is MASSIVELY stacked in favour of the defenders. They are supposed to be releasing a tweak (in 4.0.6 aka 4.0.WHEREISALLMYHASTENOW?) where if the attacker holds two of the three then it is easier to gain the third. The best thing to hope for is an early morning/late night zerg by some allies.

  2. You should always make sure to have a bunch of South Island Iced Tea with you so you can get good and drunk… while fishing.

  3. You’re not playing it *wrong* exactly. You’re doing what pretty much everyone does while attacking TB. Unfortunately, you’ll also probably never win doing that. The only way to win is to capture all three points if you’re attacking.

    See the problem?

    All the defending side has to do is zerg you as you ride of to capture the next point and you’ll never win. They just have to keep ONE of the points horde, and keep chasing you as you go after the other two. It’s extremely broken and, in my opinion, poorly designed.

    You’re right about the towers, destroying them with siege engines obtained from capturing a point gives you more time. But it’s mostly useless because more time doesn’t make the game more likely to go in your favour. People generally ignore the towers, or say you *should* because it’s a waste of time. That’s how unbalanced it is.

    That said, it is possible to win attacking. But the only way you’re likely to do it is to get a couple of your server’s big PvP guilds (not sure if you have any if you’re on a PvE server) and co-ordinate a planned attack. As stated, it’ll also probably have to be late night, or early morning, and it takes some extremely impressive co-ordination on the part of the attacking side. It’s possible, but not for the casual PvPer. Good news is, then the other side will have the same problem taking it back!

    Sounds fun… right?

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