Cataclysm Raiding First Blood

Last night my raid group downed our first raid boss of Cataclysm. Individually some of us -had- already downed the boss in Tol Barad.. but to be honest that hardly feels like a “real” raid boss.

Anyway, last night we finally downed Halfus Wyrmbreaker in Bastions of Twilight.

There’s a lot of interrupting.. and the healers seem to spend most of their time almost out of mana.. but it’s also (at the moment) a dps race.. and we ran into the enrage timer a couple of times.

When things were clicking (and the silly flying drake hadn’t targeted me) it was nice and straight forward to keep up my rotation(even with keeping ISB up). The silly flying drake’s fire balls and the shadow thingie knockback interruptions were annoying. I’m sure it will get easier the more we do it.

We had Storm, Time and Slate Dragons.

Before you wake up the Time Drake you don’t have time to move out of the fireballs.. honestly it was kind of nice to just ignore them and DPS through them (the healers didn’t love that part though). Once you wake up the Time Drake you can see puffs of fire on the ground where the fireball is going to land.. that said.. you’ve got almost 3 seconds to move out of it.. so I was easily able to weave spell casting in with the movement for that part of the fight.

We did the boss as follows:
– Put a shaman on the boss to interrupt the Shadow Nova knockback thingie.
– Engage boss, wake up Storm Drake. Kill Storm Drake. (DPS just ignored the fireballs and healers healed through it)
– Wake up Time Drake. Kill Time Drake. (we also had the Slate drake but we ignored him and the tanks continued to call out their stacks and taunt the boss for the whole fight)
– At 50% boss health the humans in the group coordinated using “Every Man” to break out of the Furious Roar so that they could interrupt the Shadow Nova he casts right after Furious Roar.
– Killed the boss.

He dropped something plate.. and a really lovely off-hand piece.. Unfortunately I rolled a 16.. so the off-hand passed to the shadow priest. Figures.

I was 3rd in DPS after the SV Hunter and our OP Rogue.

I think I want to work on a SoulSwap macro that uses lasttarget(or maybe focus…) so I can Soul Swap onto the boss without actually having to fiddle my target

2 thoughts on “Cataclysm Raiding First Blood

  1. Congrats on getting Halfus down. I’ve tried a couple different macros for using Soul Swap but I keep finding that I prefer the standard functionality coupled with separate keybinds for targeting. I tried a mouse over macro for awhile but found the targeting to be too inaccurate.

    Here’s a tip on the next bosses in Bastion of Twilight, Valiona and Theralion: targeting macros (ie /tar Valiona) don’t seem to work but /targetlasttarget does. Keybind /targetlasttarget to something convenient and soul swap between the two drakes during the fight to your heart’s content.

  2. This is from Cynwise’s website, which I think pulled the macro from WowWiki. I use it all the time, and it’s great for boss encounters:

    Soul Swap and a focus macro.

    /console Sound_EnableSFX 0
    /focus [@mouseover]
    /cast [@target] soul swap
    /cast [@focus] soul swap
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /console Sound_EnableSFX 1
    /clearfocus [@focus,dead]

    Much like the Fear Focus macro (which you’re using, because you CC like a Pro, right?), this one:

    Makes your mouseover your focus.
    Sucks the DoTs off the target on the first press.
    Shoots the DoTs onto the focus on the second press.
    Clears your focus when the mob dies.
    Awesome for handling adds on a boss, putting pressure on people in PvP, being popular at cocktail parties, whatever. Awesome.

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