Petty Peeves

I should not have to log out of the game to update the armory to see if I have any little red exclamation points telling me I missed a gem or an enchant. That should be built into the game UI.

If I have reforged an item then the reforged stat should be in a different color than “regular” stats(eg, not green). It’s annoying that I have to go stand in front of the reforge trainer in order to determine what was fiddled and the effect of unfiddling it.

I should be able to macro “pet moveTo”.. especially with a shift modifier. As it is with the current macro possibility, shift modifier will pull the pet moveTo button off of the button bar and will not actually cause my pet to move.

Somewhere in the UI Blizzard needs to explain their built in “Power Auras”. It’s annoying when I’m playing a dusty alt.. and something procs… and I don’t know why the aura is showing.. or what I’m supposed to do about it(it usually involves a button I’ve forgotten to put on my button bar.. so I’m just puzzled about what it’s trying to tell me).

I need bells/whistles to go off when I log in to let me know I’m at some currency cap. It’s annoying to finally pop that tab open to find I’m AT the cap.. and have to wonder how much currency has been wasted by not spending it.

I need to figure out how the log works in-game. Questions like “what killed me” are way too hard to answer and I think the fault on that is mine since I don’t -get- how to configure the log to work like I want it to.

I need a power aura to tell me if my pet isn’t attacking something. With all the whoosh and whistle of a fight I sometimes loose track of the fact that she’s just standing next to me patting her ass. Get to work you little trollop.

Farson Hold prisoner can just stay in that damn place. At the very least they could have given him a truly random exit path which would be different everytime you do it.. but instead it’s the same path.. and you know if he deviates from the path that he’s bugged and you might as well just go back down to the basement and get a new prisoner.. because he’s going to jitter around for a while.. and then go outside and stand NEXT TO the horses.. but Lord forbid he ever jump ON THE DAMN HORSE. One time captain bugginess even ran his happy ass all the way to the damned bridge before despawning. Good riddance to bad NPCs.

Oh, and Tank can bite my butt.

6 thoughts on “Petty Peeves

  1. I think he bothers me most because I step into the water, look both ways.. swim for a while, look both ways, swim for a while more and then practically jump out of my skin when I see him in the distance. I am in total fear of that shark…

    At the same time.. if he aggros on you.. it’s very cool to watch him rise up from the water as he attacks you.. cool.. and scary. Yeah.. totally scared of sharks.

  2. Seriously, that Farson gnome can die in a fucking fire. I mean, who the hell gets to the Keep’s courtyard and figures LEFT is the best way out? “Yes, let’s avoid the obviously OUTSIDE door and go INSIDE yet again.”

    Not even his racial’s intellect increase can save him.

  3. @Poneria

    I couldn’t agree more. If bliz wants him to wonder then he needs to upstairs somewhere, or on the roof. at least then he would have some valid options for getting turned around… I know I always do in those keeps.

    The best option though would be for blizzard to convert that quest into a ‘punt the f’ing gnome’ mini game.

  4. I know you run a billion addons already, but OBITUARY will tell you who died and what killed them.

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