Musing on Tol Barad

Last night while cooking dinner (stuffed red peppers**) I had a good chat with my fiancé about Tol Barad. Alliance on my server hasn’t held TB once this week and we’re both itching to get the raid done and anxious that it’ll flip when we can’t do the raid.

The problem is that we as the attackers have to coordinate our forces and simultaneously hold 3 points.. while they as the defenders have to only hold one place. I know the unfairness of this has been discussed at length..and I know Blizzard has a “fix” in the wings. I think the fix is that if you hold two points then taking the third point will be easier. I think the fix sounds like a bandaid.

We ended up talking about what-ifs.

We decided the big annoyance with TB was that we as the attackers have to get all three points while the defenders only need to hold one.. This seems very unfair. So we talked about making it 2 out of 3. But if you just make that one change.. then the zone changes to unfairly favor the attackers. So we came up with more limitations.

Our new rules for Tol Barad:
– When TB starts all points revert to neutral
– At any point, if a single faction holds all three points they win.
– If time runs out, then whichever faction holds 2 out of 3 of the points wins.

The good:
– This encourages both factions to put up a fight and has a very “best man wins” feeling instead of favoring one side over the other.
– This encourages each team to stay in place to retain their current points instead of the current strategy that has everyone mounting and riding off as soon as the point flips sides.

The bad:
– The strategy for both sides is the same.
– There is no feeling of “holding” the zone. Since it reverts to neutral regardless of who held it there’s no “ownership” of the area. I think that feeling of “ownership” is something Blizzard wanted to encourage.

To bad Blizzard won’t listen to us.

The peppers were delicious by the way.

Stuffed Red Peppers

6 bell peppers (I prefer red)
1/2 lb italian sausage or hamburger or ground turkey
1 medium onion (diced)
3 cloves garlic (minced)
Assorted veggies (I used diced carrots and corn)
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can tomato paste
1 tsp red pepper flakes
2 cups shredded mozerella cheese

Blister peppers to remove outer skin. I put them on the gas grill for ~5 mins and turn them until they get blistered on all sides then I put them into a ziplock baggie to sweat.

Preheat oven to 450F.

On Stovetop on medium high heat brown the onions and the garlic. Add meat. Cook until meat is cooked all the way through. Break meat up into little tiny bits. Remove from heat. Add veggies, red pepper flakes, diced tomatoes, tomato paste and half of the cheese. Set aside (taste the filling, add onion salt, salt, pepper, oregeno, basil etc to taste).

Remove the pepper skins and then cut the tops off. Remove seeds. Try to keep the peppers mostly whole. Fill peppers with meat mixture. Place in ovenproof pan. Sprinkle top with remaining cheese. Bake 15 minutes at 450F. Broil for 5 minutes (watch it, 5 mins may be too long, cook until cheese browns). Serve.

3 thoughts on “Musing on Tol Barad

  1. replace the meat with goat cheese and you have quite the winning dinner 🙂 I actually go to Bahama Breeze just for their stuffed peppers.

    Oh yeah… insert something about Tol Barad indeed sucking here… 😀

  2. So… Have you considered posting recipes with each new blog post? Got a good Long Island Ice Tea recipe to consume while drinking South Island Ice Tea while leveling?

  3. Not with -every- post.. but I’m thinking they make a nice addition “food you can cook so you don’t starve during a raid or have to order Pizza Hut which is bad for you and makes you fatter”

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