Raiding Happiness is…

Engulfing Magic + Full Row of dots.. + 3x Shadow Embrace + Boss below 25% + Drain Soul


I grinned from ear to ear.

2 thoughts on “Raiding Happiness is…

  1. Speaking of raids….have you tried Maloriak in Blackwing Descent yet? It requires a ton of AoE and I have been stubbornly going in as Affliction…the instant AoE DPS required just isn’t there. RoF has too much ramp up time and is useless when the mobs are moving around. Seed of Corruption is better, but even that is a little too slow..we only have 15 seconds to DPS all the adds down. I’m thinking in this boss encounter I’m going to have to learn Demo. 🙁 I have a hard enough time trying to be pro with one spec. Any suggestions?

  2. So far we’ve only been in Bastion of Twilight.. so I have no suggestion. I suspect it will be an instance where we have to go Demo.. but I can’t say for sure without seeing the fight.

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