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Ask Mr Robot

Go visit Ask Mr Robot. I don’t suggest -blindly- following it’s suggestions.. but I am happy and all glowy with it’s recommendations. Thanks Elk and Ful.


Sneaky sneaky little hordie

I spy with my little eye.. something .. off. Note the “killable” cinderbloom. Sneaky little flagged hordie. Just goes to show, you should never kill plants!


Mutterings About Shadowflame

Shadowflame Ok.. so a while back they gave me -this-. I’ve successfully ignored it.. for a long time. I mean gimme a break.. it’s cast in melee range.. blegh. BUT TPTB (mostly EJ) say that casting it as part of your rotation will increase your damage output. Sokay. So I spent a little time poking at a test dummy and…

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Oh Snap!

…and just like that it changes…. again. I guess I know better.. it being patch day and all.. but on Tuesday EJ Affliction thread said Imp was the best bet with a spiffy talent spec and specific glyphs. Then, like -that- it changed and today it’s back to saying the Succy is now the best pet with a slightly fiddled…

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Where are we going? and why are we in this Handbasket?

Last night as I was cooking dinner (Ground beef and barley stew)(It was yummy) my fiancĂ© informed me that our raiding group’s main tank has decided to leave the game. There were a lot of different things that fed into his decision.. but there it is. I really like the tank that’s leaving.. and I’ll be sad to see him…

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