Where are we going? and why are we in this Handbasket?

Last night as I was cooking dinner (Ground beef and barley stew)(It was yummy) my fiancĂ© informed me that our raiding group’s main tank has decided to leave the game. There were a lot of different things that fed into his decision.. but there it is.

I really like the tank that’s leaving.. and I’ll be sad to see him go.

Last week one of our dps/heals announced that he was bored with the game and was trying to be interested in it.. this was right after he showed up two hours late for the raid.. which he’d forgotten we were doing.

Three weeks ago one of our healers finally showed up an admitted she had been leveling another toon and playing with another guild.. and well she’d decided to stick with them.

So yea.. to hell in a handbasket.

Where this leaves us: After thrashing about for a while it does sound like we’ll eventually be able to continue raiding. My fiancee has been leveling his paladin and he plans to tank with him. Said Pally is currently 84 1/3 and swiftly moving towards 85. I’ve been leveling my pally with his pally.. and eventually my pally will be holy.. but I sincerely dread the idea that I could be pressed into raid healing because we were short that role. /sigh

In the meantime.. I’ve heard alts are fun. Ah well.. I guess we’ll see how that works out.

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