Oh Snap!

…and just like that it changes…. again.

I guess I know better.. it being patch day and all.. but on Tuesday EJ Affliction thread said Imp was the best bet with a spiffy talent spec and specific glyphs.

Then, like -that- it changed and today it’s back to saying the Succy is now the best pet with a slightly fiddled spec and twiddled glyphs.

So.. what’s a girl to do? Dual spec, no duh.

Primary spec: Succy specific.
Secondary spec: Imp specific (though with a single glyph change it could also be the felhunter spec)

I expect eventually I’ll want an Affliction primary Demo secondary.. if only for the MASSIVE AOE.. but in the meantime.. I’ll try these out and see how they work.

In other news.. I miss my haste buff from Soul Fire.. but I also am finding my rotation a lot easier to handle.

Time will tell.

4 thoughts on “Oh Snap!

  1. On you Sucy spec you have the Glyph Bane of Agony. Is this an error instead of having the Lash of Pain Glyph? Or is there a reason for this?


  2. Nah 😉 that just means that I wrote up this entry and you checked on it before I’d logged out so that the armory could get the updated info. It should be all set in like 3 mins when I go to bed 🙂

  3. IMO the soul fire tal was never gona stay the way it was. It was just such high priority to cast it seemed out of place for non demo locks, I mean haste is SO GOOD!

  4. I have to agree. I really didn’t cast it all that much outside of using the shard. DPS wise I still do ok..

    The problem I ran into was that when I refreshed UA the time from start to finish would be so fast I had to set priorities or in this case I would revert to what I did before and refresh everything else ad forget an=bout doing the slow cast.

    I would like to have it back though just for the boost here and there.


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