That’s “Mistress of the Universe” if you please

I -knew- it reminded me of something.

Orko.. He-mans side-kick. This is humiliating.

6 thoughts on “That’s “Mistress of the Universe” if you please

  1. It could also be a mage from FF 1-4 or black mage from 8 bit therater….Black mage is awesome

  2. I’ve been thinking about that since I got my first hat (and immediately took it off show because I really didn’t want to look/feel like Orko).

    Maybe I’m just selfish, but I still feel that the Mage T11 head look a lot more like a Warlock head than any other cloth head out there. We’re stuck with either looking like Orko or getting our T11 which make us look like we’re wearing a wrestler’s tossed out costume.

  3. LOL! Just need to fly out to Winterspring (or Icecrown, I suppose) and get a snowy background.

    I agree with Saga, turn off show, so you at least don’t look like a LOTHR wizard.. 😉

  4. It reminds me of a black mage from FF1 as well. Or you could go with the Black Waltz’s from FF9.

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