Everything-must-go sale

everything-goThe end (of leveling professions) is coming!! Or at least that’s what Godmother on Alt: ernative believes. Looking at the evidence I think it’s a fair guess. It maybe that only Blacksmithing is going in 5.2.. but I don’t doubt that the other crafting professions will follow.

So I asked myself: Self, what would it mean if you didn’t need to keep all those things (cloth, rocks, plants) to level up your professions on hand?
And self replied: Well gee, I could free up a lot of bank space.
To which I replied: Indeed. In fact.. if I were smart I’d unload all that crap now while the markets are high and most of the population of WoW is unaware of the revamps waiting in the wings. Indeed.
To which self replied: Wait. What if you’re wrong?
To which I replied: Meh then in the future, when I decide to level another profession I’ll have to re-gather all the materials. But in the meantime I’ll make bank. I’m willing to take the risk.

So it is with this little internal dialog that I decided that all my toons were having an “Everything must go” sale and emptying all the banks.

Across all my toons I have a total of 3 personal banks (with 3-5 tabs) each stuffed FULL of cloth and flowers mostly. Surprisingly it only took one night to empty them all. I think it will take a couple of re-posts to sell everything.. but I’m looking forward to seeing how much gold I make.

This does lead to an interesting question though. I have personal banks on each main server I play on to accumulate old-world trade items so that I have them on hand for leveling professions on up-and-coming toons. With this change I have to wonder.. why do I bother having a full guild bank to myself at all? Aside from some gold storage.. why do I need access to 3-5 additional tabs of stuff?