There ought to be a manual…

The_More_You_KnowI know I’m a late comer to Mists of Pandaria and everyone else probably already knows this.. but here’s the things that I learned that were not obvious.

Getting home
From Pandaria there is a portal back to your faction home (Stormwind and .. Orgrimmar I assume but I don’t play horde so MMV) in the MoP starting area in the Jade Forest. There are also portals in the back of your faction’s hub in the Vale of the Eternal Blossom to all of your main cities. Getting -back- to Pandaria you should use the portal which is near where you find the portals that were used for Cataclysm. On Alliance side that’s up around the lake on the back of Stormwind.

For Warlocks, expertise is the same as hit. So you can hit your wanted hit percent through a combination of expertise or hit. This is convenient in reforging because it gives you two different stats you can use to get hit. More here.

I’ve read there’s similar things to this where Priests and Shaman(?) get hit from spirit.. but I am not a Priest.. or a Shaman so MMV.

Charms of Good Fortune and Runes of Fate
Dailies give you Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. Once per week you can do a quest at your faction’s hub in the Vale of the Endless Blossom to turn 90 Lesser Charms into 3 Greater Charms… that is, until patch 5.2 is released. At that point you’ll get 3 Mogu Runes of Fate instead of Greater Charms.

In the Alliance hub the quest giver is found on the first floor, to the right of the bouncy little cloud dragon.
You can have a b-zillion lesser charms.
You can have at most 10 Greater Charms(I’m not sure about Mogu Runes)

If you have 9 Greater Charms(or I assume Mogu Runes)..and you do the quest you will then have 10 Greater Charms(Mogu Runes).. and the other two will disappear in a puff of smoke.

Greater Charms of Good Fortune can be used in patch 5.0 Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios to give you additional chances to receive loot.

Mogu Runes of Fate can be used in patch 5.2 Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios to give you additional chances to receive loot. When 5.2 launches Greater Charms of Good Fortune will drop from killing enemies on the, new to patch 5.2, Thundering Isle (I wonder if they will still have a cap of 10). (Source)

Spec and Glyphs
At level 86+ you can swap your spec or glyphs at any time by using Tome of the Clear Mind below level 86 there are other (less expensive) tomes/dusts.

The best source for these tomes I’ve found is go buy them in a main city (SW/org) and then send them via mail to whatever toon needs them.

Battle Pets
Battle Pets which can be purchased can be re-caged and sold. Even if you have leveled them. If you were a pet collector on several toons before Mists of Pandarie there’s a chance that you have a lot of duplicate pets. They can be re-caged and sold on the AH. I suspect that high leveled pets might be a good source of income from the AH (and, in fact, an easy way to get starter gold on a new server) but I haven’t yet tested that theory.

Wild pets cannot be caged.

Some wild pets only spawn at certain times of the day.. certain seasons of the year or in certain weather conditions. This is an interesting/frustrating challenge.

Battle pets have different breeds. This is more throughly explored by Bubbles of Mischief Oh, and add to that, the pet search on is something I need to spend a lot longer exploring. Lastly, Awaiting the Muse has a nice round up of battle pet addons.

Tailoring cloth
To make the fancy special cloth for MoP you need to be in the silk fields of the Valley of the Four Winds. It’s annoying but at least there isn’t four different types of fabric in four different corners of the world(I’m looking at you BC cloth making). Oh.. you can also use fancy spirit mote thingies to make the cloth too.. I think that can be done repeatedly at any time anywhere.

Justice and Valor Vendors
For the most part they seem to be located out in Townlong Steppes. They even have a helpful little icon on the map.

Hair and nails
There is no barber in Pandaria. I suppose it makes sense.. I mean pandas are covered in hair and really don’t feel the need to style it much. But I’m feeling the need to up my do. I think I rocked this same do for all of the last expansion. Time for something new.

Guild Transfers
It is now possible to move a guild(and that guild bank) from one server to another and from on faction to another. It’s also possible to pay for a guild re-name. It looks like the server/faction transfer of the guild master is included in this fee. This is interesting and bears considering.

Daily Quest Limit
Although you can still only have 25 quests in your quest log at a time, there’s no limit to the number of daily quests that you do.

3 thoughts on “There ought to be a manual…

  1. Even the special mote making cloth has to be done in the silken fields.

    In enchanting they now let you create the other materials.

    This means you can use dust to make essences, essences to make shards, and once a day you can turn shards into crystals. Now to make the crystals you have to be in Pandaria. You cannot be in an instance or raid. I tried to make one in MSV one night to do an enchant and I was not allowed.

    You can go from essences to dust, but I can’t remember if you can go from shards to essences.

  2. They also switched alchemy to where you have to create potions to learn new ones. Since the mat requirements are pretty light for the potions/flasks etc you can learn most of them from making basic items you need anyway.

    The new Alchemy stone is pretty nice too! It does take 3 golden lotus to make, so if you can plant herbs you shouldn’t have a problem with getting lotus for it.

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