Residual raiding fear

restless-shadeling.v7384Last night, at about 11:30 I ran my warlock down to Deadwind Pass. I want to get a blue Restless Shadeling. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to do this.. so far I’ve managed to tame only a white Shadeling. It bothers me to see my little “Number of pets tames for this area” and see the bar half in blue (for the blue Arcane Eye I nabbed) and half in white. So when I can I try to be logged in when the Shadelings spawn at midnight.

I got there a little bit early and decided to give Midnight and the Horseman a try in Karazhan. I’m constantly surprised when I do this at how easy it is.. and how much fear I have of that place. Karazhan was the first place I ever raided. I did it A LOT. Even last night, in my head, I could hear my raiding group.. I remember the groups in there.. and I remember dying… a lot. After I killed the horsemen, no mount, I still had quite a bit of time until midnight so I ventured upstairs in the tower. Upon first viewing of the ballroom I had a shaft of pure fear. I was afraid of the ballroom mobs.. I had spent SO MUCH TIME dying to these mobs I still had that residual fear. I actually had to psych myself up to start killing them. I didn’t have any real reason to do it.. but I need to do it to tame my fear of those mobs. I didn’t go into Moroes room.. I vaguely remember the fight.. and it was getting towards time for me to go try to get my Shadeling. So I left the tower and went in search of the battle pet.

Last night I was the -only- person in the basement of Karazhan. I didn’t see a single other person and I got to battle ALL of the Shadeling spawns. I did see a few greens (probably 5 total) and I did tame one of those.. but I never saw a single blue. Ah well, I’ll just keep at it.

I -did- have a brilliant plan and decided to battle the Shadeling spawns with a Clockwork Gnome I recently grabbed off the AH and a couple of ringer level 25 pets. The Clockwork gnome started the night at level 1 and finished the night, an hour later having only ever battled Restless Shadelings, at level 15. Not bad.

Note: There’s two basements.. the one with an entrance closest to the graveyard and the one across the street. When you go into the second one there are occasionally Shadelings that spawn on the ramps heading down into the basements. Those are un-fightable if you’re standing on the same landing as they’re on. I have found that you can get them to engage you if you attempt to fight them when you’re standing further up/down the ramp. I just right click them a bunch while backing up the ramp until I finally get them to engage.

Oh.. lastly.. the spawning started at 12:01.. and then it spawned some more at 12:30. I do also know from past experience that about a half dozen of these span at about 6:30am as well. No blue yet.. but I’ll keep trying.

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  1. The most amusing thing about soloing Kara is that it is all quite easy …. until you get to Chess.

    Good luck getting a rare shadeling!

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