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Woe to be a lowbie

Shaman_crestMeanwhile, while leveling my new Shaman…
It actually took me until level 15 to remember about the account-bound armor. See I’ve tried to level a Shaman in the past.. and I’ve bought a few of the +experience pieces. So it was just a matter of rounding it all up and sending it from one alt to the newest alt. But then I ran into an issue.

Before level 15 and especially when I did that “boss” fight in the newbie area I found it VERY annoying to use up all of my mana in offensive spell casting and then get to the end and not have enough mana left over to heal myself.. even worse when I was run completely out of mana and didn’t have enough mana to prevent myself from dying. I think that’s ridiculous in a heal-capable class. “So ok,” I thought to myself, “the way to prevent this is to go with the least mana dependent spec.. so that way if I’m fighting and I need a heal I’ll still have mana available.” So initially I spec’d Enhancement and stopped chain-casting Lightning bolt. Instead I decided to focus on shocks and .. whatever the instant weapon strike things are called and let that be what killed the mobs. It worked for the most part.

It’s a good theory.. but honestly now that I think of it.. maybe not. Now that I think of it.. even in Enhancement I’ll be using mana.. and if I know Blizz.. they’d really prefer that for very hard fights all toons end the fight at -maybe- 30% mana.. if they’re lucky. So it seems like my “save a little bit for healing” plan isn’t going to be as easy as just changing specs.

Add to that.. when I rounded up all my account-bound armor/weapon/trinkets I find a decided caster heavy set emerging. The leather pieces I have are spell leather. I didn’t buy the agility leather. I have the +mana trinket. Added bonus.. at this point I don’t have enough points to just plunk down and buy the “right” armor for Enhancement spec.

I -could- still spec Enhancement.. and just suck it up that my armor will level with me.. but will ALWAYS be wrong for my spec.. yeah right. My OCD could not handle that. So instead I’m forced to decide between leveling Elemental or Restoration.

Now my eventual goal with this toon is to heal…so for at least the last 10 levels it makes sense to level resto to pick up the -right- gear.. but is there any reason to level resto before then?

The only reason I can come up with is that I want to be able to do instances.. and it -seems- that instances, even as you’re leveling, will be easier to get into if you’re spec’d to heal and I don’t -really- want to wait 80 levels before I try out the Resto playstyle.. but I’m not sure if those are really sufficient arguments.

I suppose I can make it a moot point by buying dual spec at 30.. but I’m still waffling.

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  1. I’m one of those people who people who happens to love a particular class in WoW. In my case that class is Shaman. In addition to rolling shaman alts just for the fun of it, I tend to roll shaman alts whenever major class changes happen. I feel that the gradual addition of abilities to a character makes it easier to pick up the play style of whatever spec you’re playing. Unfortunately the gradual addition of power means that right at the very beginning some classes run into walls.
    I think it’s particularly a problem for hybrid classes like the shaman. Once you get past the bump of your blue bar draining to empty on every fight, you’ll find that both Elemental and Enhancement have mechanics that nearly eliminate the need to look at your blue bar ever again. Generally the only thing that will drain your bar at that point will be the heals you toss out in an emergency or after a fight.
    If you’re planning on going resto at endgame, I’d actually recommend leveling primarily as resto until lvl 30 and then picking up elemental as dual-spec for when you’re not healing. The gear used by resto and elemental is close enough stat wise that you wouldn’t really need to worry about separate sets until endgame.

  2. at level 15, my priest went Discipline and hit the dungeons. Next thing I knew (2 months later), she was level 85 and having to run quests to reach the ilevel requirements imposed with Cata. She had 0 rep with any of the BC or Wrath factions, but it didn’t matter because she was well beyond their rewards.

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