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Just for the perks

angelic_nightmaresMeanwhile, while leveling my new Shaman…
While running through Westfall I received a guild invite out of the blue. Now normally when I get these things on some random alt I immediately reject them. This time the invite was followed by a whisper to the effect that “Hey, we’re a level 25 leveling guild and would love to increase our numbers.” There was possibly more to it.. honestly the “level 25” part caught my eye.

My “normal” guild on Nordrassil seems to have dried up. Honestly it wasn’t ever a huge guild to begin with just a few friends .. but after I went AFK for a year it seems to have petered down to nearly nothing. My normal guild is now level 14 and, with only two people playing, I don’t really see it hitting 25 anytime soon.

It happens that the “join our level 25 guild” invite came in just after I’d figured out that I didn’t have access to some of the new account bound items because I didn’t have a toon in an active level 20+ guild. So.. it’s convenient to get an invite to a level 25 guild that after a while (after I get honored with the guild) will allow me access to some pretty spiff perks, specifically the +experience head and leg heirlooms.

The problem.. is I feel a bit guilty -using- a guild so blatantly. “I’m only here for the perks” just seems.. wrong. It makes me a user. I don’t like that feeling.

Is it “ok” to -use- a guild for its perks?

2 thoughts on “Just for the perks

  1. 10% of the gold you loot gets copied into their gbank, and you’ll probably also support the guild by occasionally grouping with people near your level, right? It’s not like guild perks are something precious to be carefully metered out 🙂

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