Known World Colegio de Iberia

17th – 19th of July 2020

This is a weekend of virtual classes on the lives and times of the people who dwelt in the lands which we now call Spain and Portugal. The symposium covers the period from the Muslim Umayyad Conquest, and includes the great Muslim city-states and the four Christian kingdoms (Kingdom of Castile y Leon, Kingdom of Aragon, Kingdom of Navarre and Kingdom of Portugal), ending with death of the Habsburg king Philip II. We also explore some of the worlds who experienced colonisation by these kingdoms.

2 thoughts on “Known World Colegio de Iberia

  1. Hello! Were any of these classes recorded, and were those recordings posted to YouTube or some other platform? If so, I will be happy to boost your signal at the Royal Outlands Interkingdom University. There were several classes that I would have loved to sit in on.

    Thank you!

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