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Highest weight ever: 345.0 (11/13/2013)
Total lost (to date): 60.4 lbs
Last weigh in: 284.6 1/13/2015

2014: -25.0 lbs(310.4-285.4)
2013: -4.6 lbs(315.0-310.4)
2012: +33.6 lbs(281.4-315.0)
2011: -5.6 lbs(287-281.4)
2010: -31.0 lbs(318-287)
July 24th, 2015

Friday Five: Now ACTUALLY on a Friday

1. Work
Out with the new boss in with an old boss… or something like that. After a long while of reporting directly to the CTO (which was interesting in being able to give feedback directly to the upper management.. but boring in that he really didn’t have any tasks for me or know well enough what I was doing to give me solid direction) I have now been given a new boss. Ironically I’m now reporting into the same person who originally hired me at this company and was my manager for the first 2 or so years I worked here.

Back story in case you missed it. 2001 I got hired at CNET. I reported to my new (old) boss for ~2 yrs. ~2004 I got promoted to be manager of my group (new old boss moved to manage a different group), my group (but not me) got laid off, I, as a group of one, got moved to report to a boss on the business side of the house (talk about having the fox in the hen house**), ~2009 CBS buys CNET, I got moved to report to the engineering side of the house (I again hear the song of my people), 2012 TPTB decide to terminate the main product of my engineering group, almost everyone in my engineering group (except for me) gets laid off, I spend a bit waffling about reporting to different folks but still essentially a group of one. Bringing us to today.. where I’m now reporting into the engineer-y group which is closest to what I do which is also coincidentally managed by my original manager. She’s located in New Jersey.

Life’s funny.

**Being an engineer and getting your marching orders directly from the business side.. when you don’t have the authority to say “that’s a really dumb idea, we shouldn’t do that” and are instead required to say “Sure thing boss.. I’ll work on/make/design that” is a recipe for trouble.

2. Home/Erik
At the beginning of this week we put in a bid to buy the house we’re currently renting. $377,000 for a 4BR/2.5BA I’m on pins and needles with anxiety.

Lately we’ve been fiddling with Erik’s sleep routine. Up until this when it was time for Erik to go to sleep either Fearghus or myself would take Erik up to our room and lie down with him until he fell asleep (15 min to 2 hrs). This was becoming.. bothersome so I asked the Internet for help. The Internet suggested a book.. and I read the book (or at least most of it). 90% of it is fluff and testimonials.. but it had a few good nuggets. So now we’re doing sleep training. That is, we do his night time routine, wind down, then put him in his bed and encourage him to lay down and go to sleep. If he complains we “Sh-Sh-Sh” and remind him that we love him and we’re right here.

For nights 1-3 we’re sitting right next to the bed and occasionally pat him (if he needs it.. as little as possible). The first night to took him 1 hour. The second night it took him 20 minutes. The third night it took 1 hr (but I also tried to put him to bed 30 mins early).
For nights 4-6 we’re sitting in the middle of the room about half way between the bed and the door. The fourth and fifth night it took 25 minutes. Tonight is the 6th night.
For nights 7-9 we’ll move to sit right next to the door.
For nights 10-12 we’ll move to sit outside the door but still in sight.
For nights 13+ we’ll move outside the door out of site.

So far it seems to be working. Or at least we’re not having to lay down with him for 2+ hours. So I view that as a win. The goal is to be able to do bedtime rituals, put him to bed and then walk away and do something else. I’m hopeful

Next up is potty training.

3. Health
Weight is holding steady. I’m just now back from a string of vacations and have knuckled down on it again. This week our new plan is to take a walk in the morning before I start work. At the moment I’m 90% work at home (I try to go in every other Wednesday).

4. SCA/Projects
One of the main driving forces behind sleep training for Erik is so I can get some of my evening back. Putting him to bed at 8 and then laying in bed with him until 10 leaves very little time leftover for projects. Over the last week it’s been freeing to have time to work in the evening after he’s gone to sleep.

I have worked on my new kirtle pattern. It’s at a “just think about it for a while” stage. That is, it fits pretty good but has an issue that I can’t immediately figure out so I’m giving my head time to think about it while I work on other things. At the moment the other thing is a green french-seamed tunic for Fearghus. I’m hoping to get this done so I can hand it off to Treásach to be embroidered (we won an auction to have her embroider a tunic a while back and it’s been waiting on me to finish the new tunic).

Project list:
1. new Kirtle pattern and new kirtle for me
2. white linen partlet (need to document)
3. black velvet loop, frontlet, cap and veil getup (want to develop this out further and need to document)
4. lined 1488-1503 overdress

1. Green Tunic for Fearghus
2. Gift for Killian’s knighting
3. New fighting tunic for Fearghus
4. Medium sized tunic for our loaner garb
5. Fix sleeves on F hemd

We were sneaky sneaky and went to Uprising War (Shelly Idaho) and surprised my parents. It’s a in-Kingdom war in Artemesia. While at Uprising my brother was offered entry into the chivalry. Then we had a week off. Then we spent a week at An Tir West War. Then we had two days off. Then we flew to Missoula Montana to attend Hell’s Gate, the event where my brother was knighted.

Four weeks of off-and-on vacationing is too much. I’m exhausted from vacationing, behind on all my work and glad to get back to my boring day-to-day. Also.. I really hate going to camping events without my full encampment. At Uprising we were on someone else’s food plan so we left the kitchen at home. At Hell’s Gate we flew in so only had whatever we could fit in our luggage. I hated it. I felt lost and kept reaching for things that weren’t there. It’s like I’d left home without my security blanket. I’ll do my best to avoid that in future.

Aug 8: Go visit Carol and pick up new dog
Aug 14-15: Tudor Tailor Workshop in LA
Aug 21-23: Purgatorio (Arcata CA)
Aug 31: 2nd wedding anniversary

May 28th, 2015

Farro Salad with almonds and arugula

1 cup farro

2 Tbsp White balsamic vinegar
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp ground coriander

4 Tbsp almonds, crushed
1/2 cup golden raisins
4 oz Arugula
1 bunch green onions, sliced
2 oz goat cheese

1. Add farro to 5 qt salted water, bring to a boil, boil 25 minutes. Drain.
2. Toast almonds and add to drained farro.
3. In a jar with a lid combine vinegar, oil, and coriander. Cover, shake well. Add dressing to farro and nuts. Let the Farro cool.
4. Add the rest of the ingredients to the farro. Stir to combine.

Overall: A

I think I’ve finally found the perfect recipe. It was lovely and other agreed that it was very good.

What worked:
I love love love the mixture of farro grains and nuts. It just pleases me. I think I’ll stick with that for a while. This is a fairly hands off preparation and if I reserve the goat cheese and put it on at the last minute I could see this being something that would travel well and be an easy addition to a picnic potluck.

What didn’t work:
I added the Arugula too soon while the grains where still hot. This wilted the grains. I think I’d like it better if I waited untilt he grains were cooled before adding hte Arugula but other than that this was pretty close to perfect.

April 27th, 2015

Farro salad with spinach, golden raisins and goat cheese

20150427_115246 1 cup farro

2 Tbsp White wine vinegar
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp ground coriander
1 knob diced ginger
1/4 tsp mustard

4 Tbsp pine nuts
1/2 cup golden raisins
1 cup spinach, chopped
2 oz goat cheese

1. Add farro to 5 qt salted water, bring to a boil, boil 25 minutes. Drain.
2. Toast pine nuts and add to drained farro.
3. In a jar with a lid combine mustard, vinegar, oil, coriander and ginger. Cover, shake well. Add dressing to farro and pine nuts.
4. Add the rest of the ingredients to the farro. Stir to combine.

Overall: B

Yesterday I went off the rails and took everything I’ve learned from making whole grain salads and attempted to make up my own recipe. It was good but it has room for improvement.

What worked:
I love love love the mixture of farro grains and pine nuts. It just pleases me. I think I’ll stick with that for a while. This is a fairly hands off preparation and if I’d reserved the goat cheese and put it on at the last minute I could see this being something that would travel well and be an easy addition to a picnic potluck.

What didn’t work:
The mix could have used a stronger vinegar. I used white wine vinegar because it seemed reasonable but it’s just not bite-y enough. I think I’ll change this up and try white balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
The ginger and mustard were unnecessary and should be eliminated. I added mustard because I usually add that to help emulsify a vinaigrette.. but since this is added directly to the Farro I don’t think full emulsification is necessary. The ginger just didn’t add to the salad and was out of place.
Because I added the goat cheese to the still-warm Farro the cheese melted in and coated all the grains. This was good but I think I would prefer to serve it less warm with the goat cheese crumbled over the top.
I used spinach because it’s what I had on hand.. but it didn’t really bring much to the party. I think I would prefer this with flat leafed parsley or arugula.

April 22nd, 2015

Farro salad with capers and beans

20150421_190916“Medieval Farro Salad” from A Culinary Traveler in Tuscany by Beth Elon

Overall: B

This week I got curious and asked Google about “medieval Farro”. It suggested two recipes, this one (which calls itself “medieval” but offers no supporting evidence) and “Farro with 15th Century for Spelt Rice Porridge” (which looked promising until I realized that there was no source for the recipe.. and the recipe listed didn’t use farro, wheat, spelt or really anything that would qualify it as a “farro” recipe). Despite the lack of evidence I was intrigued by the use of capers**.

The salad is very simple and tasty. Unfortunately I didn’t have access to the cranberry beans that the recipe called for and had to substitute Cannellini beans instead. This lead to a very beige salad. The capers weere a nice addition. I ended up adding most of the caper juice as well to flavor the salad. It’s good but not OMG SO GOOD I MUST HAVE MORE.

It needed another texture or a bit of crunch. I think this would be great with the addition of pine nuts and/or parsley.

**In the SCA my name is “Sylvie la chardonniere” Chardonniere means “The Thistle seller”. Capers are one form of thistles and I really do love the taste of them. I’m toying with the idea of making a whole grain salad with a thistle theme. Farro + capers + artichokes + cardoons

April 15th, 2015

Farro Salad with roasted carrots and onions

20150414_181723Farro Salad with roasted carrots and onions

Overall: B

Last week when I posted about the Farro salad with raisins and Pistacios ( Jeremy Fletcher mentioned that he had a “Farro Tabbouleh” recipe he liked and suggested I might like to try it.

I will be completely honest and say that the dish I made last night was only passingly similar to the recipe Jeremy posted. Weekly we order our groceries delivered from Safeway and when they arrived yesterday I found out that Safeway was out of green beans. So instead of green beans I substituted roasted heirloom carrots. Also I kind of skimmed the recipe initially and it wasn’t until I was about to put the onions/carrots into the oven that I realized that I was actually supposed to grill them. I figured that the carrots weren’t going to work on the grill.. and at the point where I was last night, firing up the grill for the onions smacked of effort so I decided to roast both the carrots and the onions in the oven. That said…

What worked:
– I absolutely loved the taste of the roasted onions and carrots. The oil and balsamic vinegar were just prefect. I think I need to figure out a way to use roasted onions like that independent of this salad. They were SUPER super tasty. I could have eaten the whole tray of the roasted onions. The onions added a bit of sweet to the salad.
– I ended up only using 5oz of arugula which is a good thing. I think if I’d used the whole 8oz the Farro would have been lost in the salad.
– I loved the pine nuts mixed in with the farro. Because both are about the same size it was almost a surprise when I found a pine nut in the mouthful. The pine nuts brought a nice bit of subtle crunch to the dish.

What didn’t work:
The recipe calls for the zest of one lemon but then doesn’t use the meat of the lemon or the juice. This offends my sensibilities. It’s just rude to use the zest of the lemon but not use the lemon itself. I ended up using the lemon juice as the acid in place of more vinegar on the farro.
In general I liked it. I might play around with the idea a bit and use it as inspiration for the final “perfect whole grain salad” which I’m working towards.

April 13th, 2015

Five Things: Stepping Up

1. Work
Out with the old boss in with the new, for now. After my old boss announced he was leaving in January he went to radio silence. I’ve been told he was around until May.. but I didn’t see hide nor hair of him and he certainly wasn’t checking in on my progress on projects. I guess it’s a good thing I’m pretty good at self-motivating. I just kept doing what I’d been doing. After a few weeks of the radio silence I was contacted my my new boss (old boss’s boss) and we started doing one-on-ones. My new boss is the Chief Technology Officer. As in.. he reports to the CEO. So it’s like I’ve moved up in the corporate ladder by eliminating middle management. Whatever. I’m still doing essentially the same job. I’m “she who knows how the ads work”. My “new” job is to keep doing what I’ve been doing and to help instruct my new boss on “all things about ads that he needs to know.” ie, things I’d planned to do anyway.

I have a feeling they’ll be bring someone new to replace my old boss. At this point the CTO is doing a bit of hand waving and telling me to keep on doing what I’ve been doing.. I think there needs to be another level of management between us making the strategic decisions about the departmental direction. I kind of wish I had the skill set to step into that position.. but I also recognize that I’m a lot more technically focused (and strictly ad focused) than the position needs. I think bring someone new in will be good for the organization.

2. Home/Erik
In March we moved from the old rental house (3BR/2BA) into a new rental house (4BR/2.5BA) right across the street. It was a fairly easy move. We had a ton of help and I am grateful to every one of them.

I really like the new house. It has a lot more space (and one more bedroom) than the old house. I’m still in the honeymoon phase. I’m cleaning rooms just because they’d look better cleaned. The owners of the house have agreed to a 1 year lease. At the end of that year they want to sell the house. That said, they’ve mentioned they’d like to sell it to us. Today is 3 years to the day since we short-sold our last house. This means sometime in the next month or so I’ll go talk to a bank and see what would be involved in getting approved to put in a bid for this house.

Shopping for plants for the garden

Shopping for plants for the garden

Erik is now 18 months old. He’s finally becoming less clingy to mommy. When we go out to eat I’m now allowed to go to the bathroom without inducing a full meltdown. I’m now allowed to walk away from him and just last week I was allowed to go into the kitchen and cook dinner while he hung out in the family room (the kitchen overlooks the family room so we could see each other the whole time). This is fantastic.

Until you’ve done it you don’t realize how tiring it is to have every decision governed by “What will Erik do?”. Ie, I want to start a load of laundry. The dirty laundry is in the laundry basket upstairs and Erik is happily playing with his toys downstairs. You’re solo parent for the moment (other parent off running an errand) choose one action:

a) Action: Run upstairs, grab laundry, thrown downstairs. Run back downstairs and start laundry.
Outcome: As soon as you leave downstairs Erik will burst into screaming and attempt to follow you upstairs possibly tumbling down the stairs.
b) Action: Pick up Erik, go upstairs, grab laundry, thrown laundry downstairs. Run back downstairs and start laundry.
Outcome: As soon as you pick Erik up he may start screaming (he doesn’t want to go upstairs he’s having fun playing) or you may make it all the way upstairs without screaming but you can’t let him run loose upstairs while you throw laundry downstairs (he may tumble down the stairs) so you put him in his crib to keep him contained. As soon as you leave him in his crib he’ll start screaming.
c) Action: Wait until Erik goes down for a nap. Grab laundry, throw downstairs. Run back downstairs and do nothing.
Outcome: Good job, you’ve gotten the laundry downstairs but you can’t start running the load because the washer is too loud and you won’t be able to hear Erik over the washer. You’ll need to wait until he wakes up before you start the load of laundry. Good first step though.
d) nevermind I really don’t need clean clothes

Suddenly I can actually do a). This is beyond words fantastic. I’m thrilled.

3. Health
After waiting and waiting and waiting on the new Up3 from Jawbone to ship I gave up at the end of March and asked them for a refund. The Up3 was supposed to be out in November of last year**. Two weeks ago I decided that I really do want a fitness band so I bought an UP band. It arrived last week and I’ve been wearing it for a week.

The band I got is the v1 of the UP band. It was $52 with free shipping. When I bought it I thought I was getting an Up24 (the v2 of the band) but when it arrived I realized that I’d missed the fact that is was and UP instead of the UP24. The difference seems to be that the UP24 can sync via bluetooth whereas the UP has the be plugged in to sync. It’s a scootch annoying but not annoying enough to return it.
Pros: I love the sleep and step tracking. Graphs appeal to me. The band jiggles if I havent’ taken a decent amount of steps in the last 30 minutes. This is a great “get up and stretch” reminder.
Cons: I heartily dislike the fact that the UP has no web interface. In fact I’ve been using MyFitnessPal(un:nibuca) to record food and that is sync’d over to the UP app.

Conclusion: I don’t get enough sleep or take enough steps. I’m working on that. My diet has been “okay” but not stellar. Inputting my food into a tracking app has reminded me that my “mostly 80%” adherence results in my maintaining my current weight. I sincerely love the part where I get to the end of the day and hit “yeah, I’m done with all my food today” and MyFitnessPal says “Hey, if you keep eating like this you’ll be at {this lower} weight in 5 weeks”. Just a week’s worth of tracking and I’ve already made some diet tweaks which I think will help me out.

**Coincidentally I read this morning that the UP3 is finally going to be released by April 20. For now I think I’ll stick with the UP band and maybe get an UP3 at some point in the future.

Steeping Hypocras.

Steeping Hypocras.

4. SCA/Projects
All projects went on hold with the move.. and with the unpacking after the move. I think I’m finally at a place where I can get back to doing projects.

Prior to the move I was able to complete and try out my supportive underkirtle. It works splendidly and has helped me to be able to keep wearing my existing dresses even though they’re a bit too big. Also, for March Crown, I (loosely) followed Heidi’s recipe for Hypocras. It’s very yummy and will become an eventing staple for me.

Project list:
1. 12 labeled sachets of powdre fort for hypocras to donate to largess derby at Beltane
2. Pâté for Saluminati meeting at Beltane
3. new Kirtle pattern and new kirtle for me
4. black velvet loop, frontlet, cap and veil getup (want to develop this out further and need to document)
5. lined 1488-1503 overdress

1. Green Tunic for Fearghus
2. Eyelet on the front of F black pants
3. Medium sized tunic for our loaner garb
4. Fix pleat on Erik Waffe
5. Fix sleeves on F hemd

This year has been financially up and down. Moving is expensive(cleaning the old place, deposit/bills on the new place), registration on the car/truck is expensive, taxes (sadly) this year were expensive. Happily I got a bonus from my work for having my patent actually go through. So yeah for that. At this point I think we have our finances in hand and are making positive head way. Still… I wish it was easier.

May 1-3: Beltane, Cloverdale CA
May 9: Mist/Cyn War (Fearghus only or we may daytrip), Ed Levin Park. Milpitas CA
May 16: Mists Spring Investiture (maybe, maybe not) Martinez CA
May 22-24: Cynaguan Spring Coronet (maybe, maybe not) Quincy CA
May 30: Duchess War, Santa Rosa CA
June 6: Attending Wedding
June 19-21: June Crown, Tres Pinos CA
June 30-July 5: West/An Tir War, Gold Beach CA

April 7th, 2015

Farro Salad with raisins and pistachios

20150407_203823Farro Salad with raisins and pistachios

Overall: A-

I substituted Farro for the Wheat Berries (Safeway sells Farro but not Wheat Berries so I could get them without making a special trip to the hippy store) and Parsley for Cilantro (I have _that_ gene that makes cilantro taste like soap so although I realize parsley isn’t a good substitute, it’s good enough for me).

The salad was very easy to make and had good taste though I think it could use a touch more acid. The Farro was the star of the dish and I loved the fact that the chewy nature of the whole grain really shined. The golden raisins added just the right touch of sweetness. The pistachios added a bit of crunch and I suppose a bit of protein. I think this could easily have almond (which are easier to find) substituted for the pistachios.
Erik didn’t like it. I think it was because the parsley was hard to chew and stuck to the roof of his mouth. I do think Fearghus would eat this.. so that’s a plus.

I’d definitely make it again and I’ll happily eat the leftovers for lunch for the next week.

March 31st, 2015

Farro Salad with Roasted Beets, beet greens, and Poppy Seed Dressing**

10478559_10203892589934570_4776544867367107151_nFarro Salad with Roasted Beets, beet greens, and Poppy Seed Dressing**

Overall: C-

The taste is good but the poppy seeds make this something I’d hesitant to take as work lunch food (poppy seeds stuck in teeth) and the sour cream makes me hesitate to have the salad sit out for long for fear of spoiling.
With a whole grain salad I want the grain to shine as the star. In this case the farro feels like filler and its character is lost in the salad.

Add to that, Fearghus wouldn’t eat it because of the beets.

Lastly, because of the roasted beets this is a very pink salad. Scary pink in fact. It’d be a great addition to a valentine’s day dinner. Unfortunately I am really not a big fan of food that dyes other food. The beets + farro + goat cheese led to a giant pink mess.

I’d eat the individual components by themselves or in a different combination but this is not a winner with them all together.

**When I ordered groceries this week I ordered watercress but when the groceries arrived today they said they were out of watercress so instead I cut up the beet greens and boiled then for 1 min. I know it’s not really a great equivalent but it seemed like a reasonable thing to do with this salad.

March 24th, 2015

Wheat berry salad with feta

10985227_10203851828195552_3580903521844204403_nWheat berry salad with feta

Overall: B

It’s yummy and I’d make it again but Fearghus wouldn’t like it (because it has big chunky tomatoes in it).
Wheat berry salad with feta (because I had no goat cheese). Also because of the tomato and cucumber this ends up being a very wet salad. The leftovers did not keep well.

January 12th, 2015

Five Things: Sparkly!

1. Work/Programming
New year new project. At the end of last year we realized that a bit of software we hadn’t tried to use since JUNE had died. It turns out that Google deprecated the API that bit of software used. I didn’t write the software, I just inheirited it. That said.. it came to me as a compiled stand alone Java app and the source code was no where to be found. So now it’s a new year.. and the thing (which we haven’t used for 6 months) is irreparably broken and lucky me, I get to re-write it from scratch.

Fun. ….

Added bonus, my boss just announced he’s going to be leaving the company with a long transition over the next few months. Can’t wait to see how this turns out. *sigh*

2. Home/Erik
We made it through the holidays. I love visiting family but I was equally relieved to get home. We’re now adjusting Erik back to his “normal” schedule. It’s working for the most part but he seems to be resisting his afternoon nap. This is to be expected as the baby websites say that he’s on scheduled to cut back to as single nap per day. It’s bad in that I had been looking forward to this 3 o’clock time to get things done. I guess we’ll adjust.

The house is currently a little bit more cluttered than I’d like. I need to figure out how to straighten/organize the house while Erik is trailing after me since I’m not allowed to leave his presence.

His new phase is very clingy to mommy. If I walk away from him, even just across the room, he starts crying. God forbid I actually leave the room. This is .. trying.

Our move has been delayed until the first week of March. I haven’t started packing yet.. but I will soon.

3. Health
For Christmas I got Fearghus a Jawbone UP24 health fitness band. Unfortunately all they had was size Medium. I got the band anyway since I wanted to have something under the tree for him but offered when he opened it that we could exchange it for a Large. Rather than doing that he re-gifted it to me and I ended up wearing the band for about 3 days. It does step and sleep tracking. It’s very interesting and (at least in the 3 days I used it) inspirational.

While looking to order a Large for Fearghus we found out that Jawbone had announce a new bigger better tracker, the Jawbone Up3. This had constant heart rate tracking as well as a couple of other neat features. Fearghus and I decided that we’d order the new UP3 for him and that we’d return the Up24 I was using and order and UP3 for me as well. Except for one minor wrinkle. It turns out the Up3 has had some delays in shipping and won’t actually be available until March. So at this point we’re waiting with the intention of having spiffy new health trackers “soon”.

In the meantime I end 2014 down 25 lbs from Jan 1 to Dec 31. I’ll take it. Now that we’re home we’re knucking down on “healthy eating” and hope to see additional losses soon.

4. SCA/Projects
erik_waffe-e1420656460379I posted blog entries about Coenwulf’s Waffenrock and Erik’s Waffenrock. I’m very proud of how all these outfits came out.

Lately I’ve found myself fascinated with a bit of headgear: the black velvet loop, frontlet, cap and veil getup. I blame Tullia. Digging into this it looks like the headgear was popular from 1488-1503 in northern France and the Netherlands. That’s a splendidly narrow slice of history.

Since I can’t very well run around in a headgear and nothing else (despite what some of the bathing pictures imply) I’ll be working on a dress to go with the black velvet cap as well. Happily I’m enchanted with the late 15th century French styles and should be able to use a waisted kirtle as an under-dress to one of the lovely overdresses shown. I’m currently at the LOOK AT ALL THE PICTURES phase of research. Pictures gathering on this Pinterest board: Late 15th century upper class France/Netherlands

Sadly my todo list has a bunch of other non-15th century things on them that need to get completed first. Actually scratch that. I think I will be interleeving my have-tos with my OMG-IT’S-SO-SPLENDID sparkly projects. I’m tired of putting off what I want to do just because there’s a ton of have-tos in the way.

Project list:
1. Lengsberg bra-dress
2. new Kirtle pattern
3. black velvet loop, frontlet, cap and veil getup
4. lined 1488-1503 overdress

1. Add eyelets to Patsy dress
2. Black tunic for Romelo
3. Fix pleat on Erik Waffe
4. Eyelet on the front of F black pants
5. Button on right sleeve of blue dress
6. Fix sleeves on F hemd
7. Fix collar on my German shirt.

West Coast Culinary Symposium is coming. You should register and go.
When: February 13 – 15, 2015
Where: Camp Bothin (3125 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Fairfax, CA 94930) beds available in dorms bring your own bedding (it’s like the foodiest ever sleep over)
What: A weekend of medieval food groking with folks whose eyes won’t glaze over when you wax rhapsodic about wild grown bread yeasts or specific strains of sheep use in Norse cooking.
Why: Because medieval food is tasty.

I need to remember to pack:
dish for Friday potluck
bedding (sheets, blanket, pillow)
feast gear (cloth, plate, cup, silverware)
knives and cutting board
notebook and pen

Jan 24: Cynaguan Investiture, Woodland CA
Feb 13-15: West Coast Culinary Symposium, Fairfax CA
Feb 21: Northern Wolf Newcomers and Prize Tournies, Santa Rosa CA
March 1-7: Tentative move date.
March 27-29: March Crown, Woodland CA
April 3-5: Mists Coronet, Tres Pinos CA