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Highest weight ever: 345.0 (11/13/2013)
Total lost (to date): 84.9 lbs
Last weigh in: 260.1 9/26/2017

2017: ... (314.2-???)
2016: +19.6 lbs(294.6-314.2)
2015:+9.2 lbs (285.4-294.6)
2014: -25.0 lbs (310.4-285.4)
2013: -4.6 lbs (315.0-310.4)
2012: +33.6 lbs (281.4-315.0)
2011: -5.6 lbs (287-281.4)
2010: -31.0 lbs (318-287)
September 29th, 2017

Friday Five: The blahs of war

1. Work/Home
woodratLast week I saw a rat on my front porch. I was sitting in my office, minding my own business (at work in fact) in the middle of a video conference call when I spotted something on my deck. I jumped to my feet and danced around like a loon trying to get a better look at whatever it was (luckily I wasn’t actually talking or running the meeting). It ran off before I got a good look at it and later (after my meeting) I told Fearghus I thought we had a rat under our front porch. Fearghus said it was more likely that it was an opossum. I know what an opossum looks like. This was not an opossum. It looked like a giant cute little mouse (only giant). It was a wood rat.. kind of cute in a “not a warehouse rat” kind of way.. kind of annoying in a “OMG! THERE’S A RAT AT MY HOUSE” kind of way.

The next day I saw the rat again and was able to take a picture of it on my phone. I then grabbed Fearghus out of the garage to show him the rat.. but the rat ran off before Fearghus got there. I was able to show him the photos. Later that night, Fearghus and a few friends were hanging out in our front yard practicing when they started hearing the rat gnawing on the posts of the porch. Fearghus threatened to pull out the bushes in front of the porch to get to the rat but I dissuaded him.

The next day Fearghus went out an bought a rat snap trap and baited it with peanut butter. Our friend Dennis, who works for a pest company also put a trap under our deck. Then, of course, I didn’t see hide or hair of our unwelcomed visitor for a week.

Today I finally saw him again. He investigated the trap.. then ran away. Then about a half hour later he investigated the trap to death. Hopefully that’s the last ratty friend we’ll have visit for a good long while.

2. Erik
We completed our IEP(Individualized Education Plan) with the school district. They agree that Erik would benefit from speech therapy. Unfortunately the school district no longer offers free preschool to speech delayed kids (that was discontinued two years ago). We have been approved for 30 minutes per week with the school speech therapist in addition to the speech therapy we’re also receiving from Kaiser. We now have an appointment for him to meet with the school speech therapist for the 12th. She will work with him a few time individually and then possibly look to include him in a group therapy session.

We are also following up on the possibility of preschool (or the like). Our income is too much to qualify for a fee waiver. Without that it looks like preschool will be around $450/month. We’re looking into the possibility of qualifying for HeadStart program since we have an IEP. At the very minimum we will be getting our ducks in a row to get Erik into the lottery for a place in the Transitional Kindergarten(TK) which will open up in February.

The state of California establish TK for students who turn 5 slight after the kindergarten cutoff (between Sept 2 and Dec 2). Erik falls exactly in the middle of that. So starting next year he should be able to start TK which essentially means he’d end up with two years of Kindergarten. This seems like a splendid plan to me.

3. Health
Today I finally met with the Kaiser nutritionist. I set this appointment up almost 2 months ago when I had several incidents of hypoglycemia (I’m very glad it wasn’t any more life threatening, sheesh). In the meantime while waiting for the appointment I’ve been doing some on-my-own research to see if I could figure out what was going on.

I recently stumbled on a book by Lyle McDonald, “The Ketogenic Diet” 1998. It’s been very handy for digging into the science behind #keto. I still have some open questions but I’m only about half way through the book.

Regardless, the book mentioned that “coming off the ketogenic diet” (or in my case cheating with carbs) or caffeine can trigger incidents of hypoglycemia. Well there you go.

I ended up not cancelling today’s appointment because I wanted to chat with a nutritionist about my electrolytes. A lot of the keto groups advise supplementing your sodium, potassium and magnesium. I’m hesitant to do this based solely on some random Facebook advise.

The nutritionist spent a lot of time edging around the part where she really wanted to say “all of my schooling tells me [keto] is not healthy for you but if I say that to you you’ll rush out of here in a huff.” I don’t think I’d huff.. but I also realized that having her be like that made me feel like a loon when I tried to explain what I was doing and how I arrived here.

Ok.. the outcome is:
– She thinks I should eat more carbs
– We agree that even if I’m not hungry, 1k calories per day is not enough and I will strive to hit at least 1.2k. I’m actually aiming for closer to 1.4k-1.6k currently.
– We agree that I should discontinue my D3 supplement since 100% of my D3 is already covered by my daily vitamin.
– We agree that I should add some calcium citrate supplement as my calcium per week seems low.
– We agree that I should add more artichoke, avacado, green leafy veggies and fish to my meals as my potassium and magnesium are borderline to low. She also suggested that I might consider supplementing this.
– We suspect that the hypoglycemia is reactive hypoglycemia either from a carb cheat on that day or from caffeine as both things have been identified as causes for hypoglycemia when following a ketogenic diet.
– She suggested I should cut back on caffeine.. I agreed to limit it to one caffeinated and one decaf per day (unless I continue to have incidents of hypoglycemia in which case I will eliminate caffeine).

The past few weeks I’ve been allowing my hunger to dictate my food intake. I was under the impression that I would be hungry if my body needed more calories. So I had allowed my meals to diminish to the point where I was barely breaking 1k calories per day. I simply wasn’t hungry. I suspect that this low calorie amount may have contributed to the hypoglycemia.

Based on the calculator at, my maintenance calories should be 1780/day. I haven’t been getting anywhere near that.. and I’m not even a little bit hungry.

So my lesson this week is “Don’t trust the hunger”. I should have learned that years ago when I was hungry all the time and piled on the weight.. but it’s never occurred to me that the hunger was a lie. So, ok, when you cut our carbs you curb quite a bit of the hunger reflex. This has led to me eating below maintenance level.

So this week I’ve been trying to keep my calories up at maintenance level. I’m stuffed and not hungry.. but my weight has been stable-ish (gained 1lb.. but I think I had my “maintenance level” set too high early in the week.. and it’s also almost shark week.. so that’s a wash).

I’d like to try next week to stick with maintenance.. but I’m off to GWW for a week.. so I’ll be satisfied with saying keto and not over-indulding. After next week I’ll figure out what to do next.

I’m still not 100% convinced that being in ketosis is critical to my losing weight. Frankly eating high protein/high fat meals has diminished my appetite.. and a diminished appetite has made it easy to eat at a calorie deficit.

4. SCA/Projects
GWW is here.. and I’m utterly unprepared. I”m sure I should be working on something but I’m just not.

I don’t normally go to GWW. It’s not my favorite war. I’m going this year because we have friends visiting from Sweden. But I’m still kind of blah about the event. I guess I’ll have to re-assess after the war.

Oct 2-9 Great Western War, Taft CA
Oct 13-15 October Crown, Rancho Seco CA
Oct 27-29 Cynaguan Fall Coronet, Oroville CA
Nov 10-12 PPF-Burgundy Fairfax CA

September 23rd, 2017

Return of the Friday Five

My mother mentioned she misses my Friday Fives so back to it.

1. Work
Work is still work. Lots going on there. Always busy. I do also still love my job. Commuting from Sacramento to San Francisco is a bit long, it’s a good thing I only have to do that occasionally.

2. Home/Erik
I know I haven’t mentioned it lately, but I love my new house.

Earlier this year we made a whole bunch of changes to the back yard. It started with a swampy corner of our yard. I describe our back yard as a giant sweater with a tiny little string sticking out of it. We knew better, but we pulled the string anyway.

Early in February the corner of our yard next to the pool started flooding. There were a couple of possibilities. It could be either a crack in the pool (no bueno) or a leaky sprinkler head. Fearghus dug up the sprinkler head and the hole filled up with water by the next morning. Once we drained the water out of the hole we noticed the the sprinkler was seeping water. It turned out that the {thingy} that controlled whether water would flow to the sprinkler head was leaking. Fearghus replaced it and we could have gone on our merry way.. except that instead we stood in the back yard and started talking about what we wanted to do with it.

When we bought the house it had a fairly large garden and a playhouse in the backyard. The garden had a spigot run to it and was surrounded by a cute little two-foot-tall fence and a rock border. I wasn’t thrilled by the idea of a garden. I have a black thumb and having the cute little short fence was doing nothing to keep the dogs out of the garden area. In addition to being not entirely thrilled about gardening I was even less thrilled about trying to grow food in a place where the dogs would eat the food.. and the food would be grown where the dogs had done their business. So Fearghus and I decided we’d remove the garden.

We contemplated keeping the playhouse for Erik to play in but quickly realized that Erik wasn’t terribly interested in it.. and frankly the play house was starting to fall apart. We made the decision to get rid of it.

This meant that in addition to getting rid of the cute little two-foot-tall fence around the garden we also had to remove the stones that outlined the garden area and then eliminate the mound of dirt that made up the garden. Unbeknownst to us the garden also had a layer of black plastic and gopher wire under the whole thing. Fearghus found that out when he attempted to run a rototiller through the dirt. Getting rid of the garden also meant that we had to dig up the spigot currently running to the garden and relocate the sprinkler control unit which was mounted on the playhouse. This led to even more digging to trace the pipes back to their source and eliminating the spigot in the now-non-existent-garden meant that the back yard wouldn’t have a hose bib in it so we had to set that up too.

After a lot of digging, a bit of deconstruction and a fair bit of rock moving we knocked down the play house, cleared out the garden and I moved a whole bunch of awful red lava rock from the bed around our gazebo around to the other side of the house. Then we added a (I think) literal ton of river rocks around the gazebo and re-seeded the back yard.

A few days later Kitty told us about a big play structure that was for sale on a Facebook group. We were able to get it for $300 and ended up placing that in the location of the old garden. I sanded it and it’s still destined to get painted.

This past week while my parents were in town we finally purchased the new sprinkler control units and got all of our house sprinklers back onto automated control (just in time for the Autumn rains *facepalm*). Regardless, it’s done now. There’s still bunches of things to do.. but our back yard no longer looks like a moon-scape.

We took Erik in for an assessment at Kaiser earlier this year. He was assessed as not autistic but they did agree that he should get speech therapy. We’ve had him in weekly to visit with a therapist and he’s been making great strides. He’s still behind but he’s quickly catching up. It turns out that because he’s speech delayed he can also qualify for free preschool. We’ve had an assessment with the school district and have an IEP to review their findings next week. The gal who did the assessment said that she does believe he’ll qualify as speech delayed but she also expressed concern that he may be exhibiting ADD symptoms. We’ll see how that pans out.

3. Health
I’ve often said I have Schrödinger’s weight loss. As long as I’m looking at it (and don’t glance away even for a moment) I will lose weight.. but look away…
Here’s my weight loss graph going back to 2010 (2008 really but there’s only one date before 2010 so it’s really only good back to 2010). I’ve also added in notes to myself about what stressor it was that drew my attention away from weight loss. There are some very good reasons here.. and some impressive hills/valleys.

I am currently on a downward slope. Since late February of this year I’ve been following the #keto lifestyle. That is Low Carb, High Fat. More here. Lately I’ve been kind of a keto heretic voicing some ideas that ruffle a lot of hard-core ketoers feathers.

Whatever. I’m following the eating plan that works for me.

At this point I have lost 53.5 lbs since I started #keto (Point A on the graph)(83.5 lbs below my highest ever weight). My weight is below every other weight I have recorded in my adult life. I plan to continue to maintain hyper focus on this as long as I can.

4. SCA/Projects
Along with losing 50+ lbs I also found that my previously supportive kirtles are no longer supportive. So I’m working on a new dress. Slowly. Whatever I’m still working on it.

This weekend I’m watching Liam and Arik. They’re my.. um.. sort of grand kids. (You know that status in FB “It’s complicated”? Yeah, it’s like that). They refer to me as “Tia” and to Fearghus as “Tito”.

Anyway all three boys have been having a grand time hanging out and playing together. I’m contemplating Tom Sawyering them into helping me pull weeds around the pool tomorrow. I wonder if that makes me a bad grandma?

Oct 2-9 Great Western War, Taft CA
Oct 13-15 October Crown, Rancho Seco CA
Oct 27-29 Cynaguan Fall Coronet, Oroville CA
Nov 10-12 PPF-Burgundy Fairfax CA

April 23rd, 2017

Gardening with a black thumb

Notably lacking from any of this (aside from the succulent garden) is the idea of planting plants. This is the type of gardening I feel I can handle. Our first pass is get the planting areas into shape. We may go for a second pass where we add some plants or raised garden area.

Pool garden
The backside of the pool has white-ish pea gravel. The other areas of the pool have actual things growing. A couple of weeks ago I did a pass through the pool area and tore out anything that looks like a weed. It’s still a bit ragged around there but I’m not ready to commit to tearing all the plants out and turning that into a rock garden. So for now the pool area stays as it is and is going to be mostly untouched by this iteration of “gardening”.

Succulent garden
Last week I added succulents to the planter box outside our front door. Succulents: code for thrives on neglect. So far they’re not dead.

Behind the succulent garden is a tree that makes HUGE pink flowers. It’s cute and I don’t currently want to get rid of it.. but the big pink flowers die and fall onto the ground below. If I plant anything below this tree it’s make cleanup after the blossoms drop that much harder. At this point my plan is to leave the undertree garden empty. We’ll see if inspiration strikes later.

Across the front of the house next to the porch there a planting area with a couple of bushes that are overgrown with ivy. I both love and hate the ivy. I love it because a fall of ivy can hide a multitude of gardening sins. I hate it because it’s growing up between the boards of my porch and I’m fairly certain it’s trying to tear down the porch on the front of my house. I don’t have a plan to replace it.. and since it actually looks nice I’m hesitant to mess with it. So for now it stays.

Gazebo garden
When we bought the house the gazebo was surrounded by climbing vines. Last year we tore those out. I have a black thumb. I’m good at tearing out plants. It turns out there’s red lava rock under where the vines used to be. I hate it so much. So ok, the lava rocks need to go but I hate to waste resources (that and srsly.. how would you get rid of this?? just throw it in the trash?). So ok. The plan is to get rid of the lava rock, put down weed stop and then fill the area with the white-ish pea gravel just like the stuff along the backside of the pool. That should be pretty and should be all match-y match-y with the pool. I have NO idea what we would plant here. The plan at the moment is to get it to have rock in it and deal with planting stuff later.

erikplantingOut-of-sight planting area
Behind the fence, next to Fearghus’ project truck there’s a planting area. It’s about a foot wide and runs the length of the fence next to the parking area/shed. In our current configuration it’s a dumb place for a planting area. I have to go out the garage back door, navigate around the project truck and it’s slap up against the fence. No one is EVER going to see this to appreciate nice plants. Earlier this year I noticed it was overgrown and looking kind of trashy. Enter my brilliant plan. Step 1: knock down all the cobwebs between the project truck and the fence (eww). Step 2: pull all the weeds from the trashy planting area. Step 3: lay down weed stop and cover this over in the lava rocks from around the gazebo.

On Friday Erik and I started on this project this weekend. Friday I got all the weeds pulled. Today I pulled the stepping stones out, dug out a lot of the dirt (which was added the suculent garden in the front planting area), laid down weed stop and filled in the first section with the lava rock. So far so good. I have one more section to go. The plan is to overfill this area with lava rock to get it out of the gazebo planting area. In the long term we may use the lava rocks for french drains in the back yard (which gets a bit swampy when it rains) but for the moment this is just a holding area for the lava rock.

The Garden
When we bought the house there was a garden laid out in the back yard. Unfortunately this is in the part of the yard where the dogs run and I have a black thumb. So the garden got overgrown with weeds (I was distracted and never quite go to the “planting” part of the garden) and the dogs tore down the fence and then tore up the are. It was a cute garden but I don’t love it. It’s taking up a large part of the yard and honestly I don’t have the commitment to actually make it a vegetable garden. If I’m going to be mucking around with gardening I’d prefer it be raised. Realistically we’d need to come up with something to keep the dogs out of it. So we’ve decided to reclaim the garden back to the yard. Fearghus is going to be starting on this tomorrow. There’s a lot of things that need to happen for this but we’re both committed to making it happen.

Backyard and Horseshoe pit
Removing the garden means we’ll have to mess with the sprinklers and move the garden spigot out of the middle of the yard. We also have decided to tear down the playhouse. We’d prefer for Erik to have something different and the play house is starting to show its age. Finally we’ll have to replant grass and get it back to being a usable yard. At this time we plan to add sprinklers to the side yard and get grass to grow around the horse shoe pit.

Goodness. I’m tired just looking at this.

March 22nd, 2017

March – month 1 of Keto

tmp_weightFebMar2017Month 1 on #keto (low carb, high fat). Down 11.9 lbs.

Starting weight: 315.0
Today’s weight: 303.1
Net change: -11.9

This month I had two incidents of “cheating”. At Golden River’s Championship I had a piece of baklava (worth it) and at Liam’s birthday party I had a piece of butter cream cake (not worth it, the sugar actually made me queasy). Other than that I’ve eliminated all white carbs (flour, sugar) and concentrated on getting carbs from vegetables. Following keto has really eliminated my in-between-meal nibbling. I’m not finding myself as hungry (and snack seeking) as I have in the past. That said, sans-food I find myself lacking coping mechanisms for stress (and this month I have plenty). I’m finding myself feeling more stressed out than normal with no habits built up to address this. I’m working on focus and calming techniques.

Link to food eaten this month

March 4th, 2017

Week of Feb 27 – Grudging participation

Monday 2/27/2017
Today’s weight: 307.1
Today’s change: -1.5
Net change: -7.9

I made the mistake of having tomato soup for lunch (which was fabulously yummy) and tomato sauce for dinner. This edged my carbs up a bit but not too outrageously. Still, in the future I’ll need to watch out for that.

Fearghus got home this evening. We discussed the diet and he agreed he’ll eat the food. He’s not planning to track just to mostly mimic what I’m eating and figure it will all work out in the end. We’ll see how that goes.

B: Scrambled eggs with harrisa
L: string cheese & 4b tomato soup
D: Chicken breast, wilted spinach, tomatoe sauce with onion

Tuesday 2/28/2017
Today’s weight: 306.4
Today’s change: -0.7
Net change: -8.6

Indian rice was hella good.
I riced the cauliflower a few days ago and it has been stinking up my fridge. In future I’ll portion it out and freeze it.

B: Egg, bacon, avacado, cheddar cheese
L: Cauliflower Indian Rice, AB Chicken
D: Brussel Sprouts with parmesan, Turkey&Bacon burgers,

Wednesday 3/1/2017
Today’s weight: 306.4
Today’s change: -0-
Net change: -8.6

Bummed to be stalled again but ok with it. MFP says that if I keep eating like this I should be at 294.8 in 5 weeks. I put that on the calendar. We’ll see how that goes.

B: Harissa scrambled Eggs with cheddar cheese
L: Turkey&Bacon burger, mayo, katsup, Cauliflower Indian Rice
S: String cheese
D: Keto Chili with cheddar cheese, asparagus

Thursday 3/2/2017
Today’s weight: 306.4
Today’s change: -0-
Net change: -8.6

*sigh* Another day another stall. I guess I should be less grumpy about it. It’s day-over-day and at least it’s not a gain. Meh.

B: Omelet with cheese and bacon
L: Baby greens salad, AB Chicken
D: Chicken and Bacon Chowder, Bresaola

Friday 3/3/2017
Today’s weight: 308.4
Today’s change: +2.0
Net change: -6.6

FFS a gain of 2 lbs. Ok, my friend says I should not weight myself every day but I have this habit. Meh. I didn’t go bug nuts yesterday so I suspect it’s retained water or I ODd on the chowder yesterday. Whatever. Still at this.

B: Scrambled eggs with Harissa, bacon
L: Chicken and Bacon Chowder
D: Mustard pork chops with kale salad
S: Smoked Salmon fat bomb

Starting weight: 315
Macro Goals: 1738 cal (826 min, 2287 max), 25g Carb, 114g Protein (86g min, 141g max), 131g Fat (30g min, 192g max)

February 26th, 2017

Week of Feb 20 – Moving from Keto curious to Keto active

Monday 2/20/2017
Starting weight: 315

I decided last week to give Keto a try for a week. I filled up my online cart with all the food from “The Complete Ketogenic Diet” week 1 grocery list but then noticed that their week one didn’t have “lots of spinach and avacados” like they recommended to stave off the “keto flu”. That and it took my normal $150/wk for groceries up to $350. So I removed most of the far out stuff and figured I’d aim for something less drastic than trying out 14 new recipes in one week (honestly looking at all those recipes was making me exhausted).

Intro to Keto
My starting macros:
1738 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
22 g Carbs (5%, 88 kcal)
109 g Protein (25%, 436 kcal)
135 g Fat (70%, 1214 kcal)

*Generated by [Keto Calculator]( 9.12*

44/F/5’5″ | CW 315 | 55% BF | Mostly sedentary

* 1738 kcal Goal, a 24% deficit. (794 min, 2287 max)
* 22g Carbohydrates
* 109g Protein (86g min, 141g max)
* 135g Fat (30g min, 195g max)


Read through “The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners” and “Ketogenic Diet For Rapid Weight Loss 2016″. Bought some groceries. Also ate the last of my gelato in the freezer (I’m a weak weak woman)

Tuesday 2/21/2017 314.8
Today’s weight: 314.8
Today’s change: -0.2
Net change: -0.2

War widow, day 3. Morgan watched Erik. Groceries delivered. Good day today. That said.. I’m kind of freaking out. Eating straight up butter+goat cheese(the evening fat bombs) doesn’t feel like something that will cause weight loss. We’ll see. I made up a batch of nut granola but didn’t actually eat any of it.

B: Scrambled butter eggs
L: Tuna with mayo and sugar-free katsup and 4 parm crackers
D: AB Chicken, a bundle of asparagus cooked in butter
S: Smoked Salmon fat bombs

1725 calories
25g carbohydrates
96g protein
130g fat
72oz water

Wednesday 2/22/2017
Today’s weight: 313.1
Today’s change: -1.7
Net change: -1.9

1/100 Treadmill in the AM.
Speech Therapy for Erik today. We’re practicing short words (out, open, more please) with an emphasis on the ending sound (ouT not ou or oud).
Lunch was not bad. The nut granola is pretty good though it could do with a dash of golden raisins in it. That said, the granola is much higher in carbs than I expected. There’s something about giving up almost half my carbs for the day for sodding granola that makes me grumpy. It also turns out that granola + yogurt wasn’t quite enough to carry me over to dinner. I think I will need to add an afternoon snack back into the mix.
Dinner was pretty good. I think you could add a bit of mayo and sugar-free katsup and call it keto cheeseburger hold-the-bun.
I honestly wasn’t hungry after dinner.. but noticed that my fat percent was a bit low so I had a fat bomb to make it up. Still my numbers are below my goal. I’ll see how that works out tomorrow.

B: Scrambled butter eggs
L: Greek yogurt with nut granola
D: ground beef with cheese, wilted spinach

1381 calories
22g carbs
83g protein
104g fat
96oz water

Thursday 2/23/2017
Today’s weight: 310.2
Today’s change: -2.9
Net change: -4.8

Whoa. Ok, with this kind of encouragement I’ll aim low for a while (but not below my minimums). Day 3 of Keto and no sign of flu.
I’m a bit perplexed. I followed the cookbook and made turkey meatloaf for dinner. If I’m on a high fat/high protein diet.. why would I bother making a meatloaf with turkey when I could use beef? I mean I get it, variety is good.. but turkey/chicken meatloaf is the “I want meatloaf but I’m not allowed to have beef and I need something lowfat” alternative. It just seems silly. Don’t get me wrong, the meatloaf was tasty.. but not like “OMG I must have more”. I think I’ll keep the recipe but try it with beef instead of turkey and see if I could tune it to the “OMG” level.

B: Scrambled eggs with harrisa
L: ground beef with cheddar cheese, mayo and low sugar katsup, avacado
S: string cheese
D: Turkey Meatloaf, cooked spinach
S2: String cheese, Smoked salmon fat bomb, whipping cream

1533 calories
23g carbs
78g protein
130g fat
72oz water

Friday 2/24/2017
Today’s weight: 308.6
Today’s change: -1.6
Net change: -6.4

B: scrambled eggs with harrisa, peppered bacon
L: AB Chicken , Brie, Cucumber, mayo
D: Turkey meatloaf, brussel sprouts, parmesan
S: Smoked Salmon fat bomb

Saturday 2/25/2017
Today’s weight: 308.6
Today’s change: -0-
Net change: -6.4

B: scrambled eggs with harrisa, cheese
L: AB Chicken
D: 4B Tomato Soup, Cauliflower grilled cheese
S: Smoked Salmon Fat Bomb

Sunday 2/26/2017
Today’s weight: 308.6
Today’s change: -0-
Net change: -6.4

Another day another stall. Ah well. So far I’m well impressed (even with a 3 day stall). I’m not nibbling on chocolate chips and slices of bread. This diet is similar to what I did when I lost 51 lbs in 2010/2011. I’ll stick to this for a while.

B: scrambled eggs with harrisa, cheese
L: Turkey meatloaf
S: Parmesan cheese crackers
D: 4Bs Tomato Soup
72 oz water

Starting weight: 315
Macro Goals: 1738 cal (826 min, 2287 max), 25g Carb, 114g Protein (86g min, 141g max), 131g Fat (30g min, 192g max)

February 15th, 2017

Week of Feb 13 – About that horse…

Feb 13 Monday
Alarm went off but we had 9 extra people in the house and my son was being extra loud so instead of walking on the treadmill I got up with my son and made breakfast for a house full of people. Everyone left by about 1pm as the evacuation order was lifted for Yuba City.
I ended up going to bed at 10pm because I was browning out from being so tired.

Feb 14 Tuesday
Alarm went off but I decided that sleeping was a better option. Not necessarily lame.. but necessary.

Steak, salad, super loaded potato

Feb 15 Wednesday
1/100 up at 7:10. Walked on the treadmill.

Breakfast burrito (potato, egg, cheese, tortilla).

Feb 16 Thursday
2/100 walked on the treadmill.

RPG tonight. We started on Rise of the Runelords.
2 soft boiled eggs on toast, PB&J, apple, beef and barley stew, homemade bread, salted caramel gelato.

Feb 17 Friday
3/100 on treadmill in the AM.

2 fried eggs on buttered toast, coffee

February 9th, 2017

Week of Feb 6 – Back on the horse

Once again into the fray. It’s time to get back onto the horse. Weight has spun up a bit due to diet neglect and too many holidays. Working on getting that back in check. Also at Fearghus’s encouraging I’ve decided it’s silly to own a treadmill and not use it. To that end I am gong to be walking for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. This has the added bonus of getting me a shower every AM after the walk.

Feb 6 Monday
1/100 treadmill in the AM and PM. 316.6
Erik had his 3 yr well check at 11am. Fearghus took him. Erik is 90% across the board. Totally healthy.

Dinner was lazy keto chicken (chicken topped with grated cheese, porcini and bacon) and green beans.

Feb 7 Tuesday
2/100 tread mill in the AM. 316.6.
We went to the Danegeld Tor business meeting tonight so I skipped the evening walk.

:( Eating was less than okay (egg burrito, tuna sandwich, 5 candies :(, 6oz ribeye, steamed veggies, potato+fixings, raspberry cheesecake)

Feb 8 Wednesday
3/100 treadmill in the AM and the PM. 316.6.
Speech Therapy for the boy at 11am. Fearghus took him.
Solar system turned on at about 3pm.

I need to get excited about cooking again. My meals are really phoning it in.
:( Eating was less than okay but not horrible (2 soft boiled eggs on toast, 4oz steak burrito with katsup and an apple, meat loaf with mashed potatoes and corn, apple, tortilla with butter and jelly, pretzels).

Feb 9 Thursday
4/100 treadmill in the AM. 316.4

RPG at our house tonight. We ended the current campaign and will be making new characters and then starting Rise of the Runelords

:| Food was not bad.. but the tomato soup is SO GOOD.
2 slices of pb&syrup on toast, PB&J and an apple, 4B’s tomato soup and homemade bread with butter and garlic and cheese.

Feb 10 Friday
6/100 treadmill in the AM. 317.2

Breakfast burrito (1 egg, sausage and cheese on soft taco tortilla),

Feb 11 Saturday
Boo. My alarm did not go off. I reset my alarm to go off on Sunday morning.

Feb 12 Sunday
Boo. My alarm went off and I ignored it. Lame.
In the late afternoon an evacuation was announced because of Oroville dam. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law and 7 of their grandkids came to stay with us. We got them all settled by 2am.

April 23rd, 2016

R2P3D1 – Going all the way

Last Injection Weight (LIW): 276.7
Today’s Weight: 275.6
Today’s change: -1.1
Net change: -1.1

Day 1 “no starch, no sugar”

I officially suck at the “no starch no sugar” thing. I’ll work harder on it tomorrow.

It started when I couldn’t think of what to have for lunch. I was just stuck with my mind running in circles until finally a very naughty voice said “aww fuck it go all the way” and had cereal for lunch. I got better after that. Dinner was fantastically on plan.. but then much later I got that “I just want a bit of something sweet” and eventually I ended up in a very wrong place. It can only get better from here.

Plans for future meals:
– Thai spring rolls with shrimp
– English onion soup (no bread, no cheese)
– BBQ chicken (a href=””>Sauce)
– cajun cod baked in a paper package with lemon, celery/asparagus and capers.

Post diet plan:
– Maintain smaller portion sizes.
– Eat breakfast. I think our standard breakfast (egg, toast/tortilla) is fine.
– Make dinners in specific portion sizes. Immediately package up extra portions and put them away.
– Focus on meals that have a bulk of veggies to fill out from the meat portion.
– Keep drinking lots of water.

What I ate:
Breakfast: coffee with stevia, 2 egg omelet with onions and cheese
Lunch: grapenuts with milk
Dinner: chicken breasts stuffed with feta, spinach and garlic (fabulous), cranberries, glass of milk
Snack: 3 Dunkun Doughnuts, Vanilla chai latte

Water count: 22oz

April 21st, 2016

R2P2D34 – Pang or no pang

Last Injection Weight (LIW): 276.7
Today’s Weight: 275.6
Today’s change: -1.1
Net change: -1.1

VLC day 34(Day 2 of no injection)
No injection last night.

Not too hungry today. A lot better than expected.

Plans for future meals:
– Thai spring rolls with shrimp
– English onion soup (no bread, no cheese)
– BBQ chicken (a href=””>Sauce)
– cajun cod baked in a paper package with lemon, celery/asparagus and capers.

Post diet plan:
– Maintain smaller portion sizes.
– Eat breakfast. I think our standard breakfast (egg, toast/tortilla) is fine.
– Make dinners in specific portion sizes. Immediately package up extra portions and put them away.
– Focus on meals that have a bulk of veggies to fill out from the meat portion.
– Keep drinking lots of water.

What I ate:
Breakfast: coffee with stevia
Lunch: hamburger and onion scramble
Snack: a piece of bread with nutella
Dinner: spaghetti sauce with hamburger and soy shiratake noodles.

Water count: 44oz